Well, what with Maribou up north, I’ve been listening to Guns and Roses again and thinking about stuff. (I should note that you shouldn’t feel like you have to listen to any of the G’n’R songs, they’re just there for counterpoint to the song I’ll eventually talk about… and, if you don’t know, you should know that the songs make copious use of curse words) The legend has it that they foresaw the “unplugged” phenomenon back around the time of Appetite for Destruction. They made their song “Crazy” an acoustic one but the record label said “No! Make it electric! Rock and Roll!” so they put out this for the album and, after they hit it *HUGE* and had enough stroke to release their Lies album, they were finally able to release the original version. While the same song, it completely changes the tenor (no pun intended) and creates an entirely different mood… and I find myself wondering “who in the flying heck was the record exec who listened to the acoustic song and said ‘Nope, make it electric!’?”

Which brings me to how this guy still apparently has a job. There’s a band out there called “Imagine Dragons” that have a new tune out playing on the radio called “It’s Time” (a mere 20 seconds will give you all you need to hear from the song to get the point). It pretty much feels like cookie-cutter “alternarock” produced by people who use words like “alternarock”. Nothing special. I stumbled across *THIS* though and was blown away by the thought that, holy cow… these guys are actual *MUSICIANS*.

And I wonder how much actual music I’ve been prevented from hearing by this exec guy.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. I think ‘No Bone Movies’ from Blizzard of Ozz sounds a lot better on acoustic. Those are some really cool chords that he’s using there, and it gets muddled up with the distortion.
    I never did like ‘Beth’ from Kiss until I heard the acoustic guitar version from Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. It’s actually a pretty cool song.

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