Thanks to the wonders of social media and collective brain activity, I give you…

Trucks stuck under bridges.

My favorite, from here:

I hereby challenge the Mindless Diversions reading community to give their best brainstormed “Google Image Search Link” in the comments.  Winner gets… hm.  Something.  Winner gets to give me a writing topic.


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  1. This is no doubt cheating but

    “far side cartoon”

  2. While the boob variants will always have their admirers, I thought that “victory” would have some cool images associated. I was wrong.

    “Defeat” seemed more promising and it had a handful of good ones…

    But then I just said “heck with it” and went with “smaug”.

  3. I’ve tried to come up with a game where you post a picture and someone has to figure out the two word search term that leads to it coming up first in Google Images search. I couldn’t quite figure out the exact details, but anything involving Google Images searches is fun!

    • This sounds like a game I’d be willing to try once or twice. The guesses might be funnier than the actual search term.

  4. A GIS for “tattoos gone bad” yields postively painful results — whether you do a SFW or NSFW search. I particularly like the skeezy-looking white guy who got the full-chest tattoo that tells you the viewer that he’s “EXREME”.

    • I subscribed, and I remember quite a few of those actual covers. Like the Jimmie Walker and the Lee Majors.

      • There’s also Bananas magazine (a sister publication, I guess) which, apparently, did not eat too much into the Dynamite marketshare.

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