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  1. That video is pretty damn awesome. I hadn’t realized there was that much backwards driving in such things, but in retrospect the tactic seems obvious. A question for afficionados of such events: car #4 was pretty obviously the winner by about 3:30 in the video. I thought the rule was you had to keep on driving until yours was the only car able to move under its own power and it seemed like he was there a long time before the judges called it. So why did he have to take all those shots at the other vehicles? Or was that just for fun?

    Oh, and who’s the band?

    • All of the demolition derbies I’ve gone to have involved backwards-driving cars. (There’s a video game as well and, while there is a forward gear, the game assumes that you’ll want to go in reverse as starting position has all of the AI cars ramming butt-first.)

    • The band is, alas, one that came together and dispersed after a single album (named “The Drinks”).

      Regarding your question about “calling it.” The cars all have little flags on them. They’re still “in the game” until they take the flag down. The guy in the beige car was actually motioning and asking #4 to hit him. The car was fine, just stuck to the other car and he was hoping to get knocked loose. #4 did give him a frontal hit, but it didn’t do any good.

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