Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

This has been one of those weeks where I might have been able to get everything I wanted to get done done, had I not slept. The good news/bad news is that I almost got everything I wanted to get done done.

Which means that this weekend will be devoted to sleep.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. We’ll be heading down to DC. Well, actually NoVa, but same difference, right?All you can eat crabs (!) on Saturday, golf for the first time in 4 years on Sunday. Oh yeah, Air and Space Museum at Dulles with the kid on Sunday, too. Yeah, this weekend’s not going to suck.

  2. In the immediate future? I’ll be contemplating my own mortality as I hobble around painfully after the beating I took in goal last night…at least until the pain killers kick in. Then I’ll go do it all over again tonight.

    Saturday may involve a few errands around town and some house cleaning. Sunday is the oldest boy’s birthday party.

      • Soccer, yes. I was playing keeper way out of my league, but we were already getting killed and the guy playing keeper was better on the field than I was, so I volunteered to take a beating for a half just to get a little more offense and ball control on the field. It didn’t really work out for anyone, frankly!

        • Indoor or out? Goalie is hella fun but such a beating!

          • Indoor. I apparently bruised my hip Thursday night and didn’t discover this until I landed on it early in my first game. Ouch! We still won, though I ended up having to pull myself out of goal midway through the second game. I am officially old.

    • THAT REMINDS ME! Sister’s Oldest has a party tomorrow. Maribou bought him a bow and arrow at the Renne Fairre. I have opinions on this but I will keep them to myself.

      I’ll likely pick up a Wii game for him on the way home.

        • I’ve been resisting Gods and Kings, but I feel my will crumbling.

          • I had a bow and arrows when I was that age, by gum! They have blunted tips! *shakes tiny country-raised fist*

            Heck, most of the kids I knew had BB guns at that age (which I already knew back then was a terrible idea).

          • Just make sure you get him something good enough that if his mom won’t let him USE the bow and arrows, it doesn’t mess up his day.

          • The blunted tip doesn’t mean much, even at the speeds at which kids’ bows shoot them. They’ll pierce soft tissue just fine.

          • The bow and arrow should be safe for kids old enough and responsible enough not to stand in front of the bowman or near the target. (And not to invite Dick Cheney over.)

  3. Third weekend in a row the kitchen still ain’t finished. Can’t do the tiling ’till we get the crumbling plaster wall repaired, so painting the cabinetry and building a shelf for the cookbooks. Also county fair–kids riding the ides tonight, dad going to tuff car and truck tomorrow. Also, summer swim championships tomorrow. Busy weekend, but good good stuff.

    • Lath and plaster wall? Gawd, I had to redo one of those, a ceiling too. A three foot-long crack turned into a dumpster full of broken plaster, the whole west wall and maybe five square feet of overhead. Horrible work. My sympathies.

      • Hell is lathe and plaster. That horrific dust goes everywhere with that bitter tang. It infuses everything and of course it’s a godawful mess to clean up. My entire childhood home was lathe and plaster and we replaced it all with drywall one room at a time. Bad times.

        • I found an old guy who taught me to throw plaster. The trick is to get the biggest diamond trowel in the store and just be brave about it. I used a glass loaf pan to keep batches small.

          Still have nightmares about tearing out broken plaster, sometimes, especially when I’m rebuilding a bad system. Turns out the previous owner had pounded some big old nails into the wall and hung a big mirror there. Broke all the plaster keys and the weight of the mirror pulled part of the ceiling away.

        • I hate drywall, and love plaster. Drywall just doesn’t have the look or solidity of plaster. If I could afford to I’d have all the plaster in my house redone, and the handful of walls that are drywall would be replaced with plaster.

          Alas, I can’t afford that, and when I redo our bedroom, the lath and plaster will probably come off and be replaced by drywall…unless what’s underneath isn’t as bad as I expect.

          But when the guy comes to do the work in our kitchen, I’m hoping he’ll teach me how it’s done.

          • Plaster is a better insulator.

            But holy God, it’s a bitch to work with.

          • Sometime in the past, somebody did lots of plaster repairs in our house by slapping on the plaster then letting it dry without ever bothering to smooth it out. I’ve done a lot of sanding and filling, but no proper plaster work yet.

  4. I am too tired to plan anything. (Other than the birthday, I remembered that bit.) If I were any more tired than I am right now, I would start craving brains.

  5. Maybe going to New Orleans to help move the youngest. I sure do hope she rounds up enough young men so the better half and I don’t have to go help. I don’t mind New Orleans, but sure do dislike the drive there. Won’t know until Saturday so everything is up in the air until tomorrow.
    The garden has done what it always done this time of year. It has turned brown, except for the weeds, and quit producing veggies so I don’t even go and look for fresh anything. Nothing to do there until I plant the winter crop.
    I don’t know what age the birthday boy is, but I got a 22 semi- automatic rifle for my ninth birthday. Everything depends on the training and a tiny amount of luck. The better the training the less one has to depend on luck.
    Going to spend a minute or two comtemplating the joy of some typos. For instance, I am going to wonder if “Pastafarian” is a typo or someone who does not know that Dawkins is joking about the “Flying Spagetti Monster”.

  6. Staying in tonight with some homemade tikka masala, Sox/Yanks, and Olympics Opening Ceremonies on DVR. Currently finishing the cool down on my hour-long treadmill walk (this is what I’ve been reduced to).

    Dentist tomorrow and then seeing “Neighborhood Watch” and going to Dave and Buster’s (1st time!) for buddy’s birthday.

    Errands on Sunday.

    • Kazzy, Are you a Yanks fan? I’m going to see Tigers-Yanks on Aug. 9.

      • Yanks?!?! BOO-HISS! Sox all the way (Dad was a Sox fan… I inherited the torture). Do you get in before the 9th? We head out of town that day.

  7. Finally home from a week long conference. My brain is officially mush and I have so much work to do before the next annual conference that my head is going to explode if I even attempt to think about it right now. In short, I will be sleeping and catching up in my reading this weekend.

    My neighbor has begun the big remodel on there home and this has implications for my driveway and backyard so I will be looking into that tomorrow.

  8. I camped.

    It was pretty awesome.

    I think I hurt my foot, unloading the car.

    • Stay inside. There’s nothing you can do outside that you can’t do inside.

      Except smoke, maybe.

      • So you’re not going rafting with me next time I get out to Colorado? Or do you have a whitewater slalom course in your rec room?

        • We’ve got those chairs that rock back and forth and little spray bottles. If you’d like to break something, we have stairs that you can fall down.

      • But few things are better indoors than out. My favorite is the bars that setup outdoors TVs that are positioned so as not to be washed out by the sun, thus ending the conundrum of wanting to sit outside but also wanting to watch the game. HUZZAH!

        • If I could find one of these I would have plans for next weekend.

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