So the new Three Stooges movie is laugh-out-loud funny if you are one of those “I laugh at The Three Stooges” kinda people. The metaphorical “water gun fight” that took place in the baby aquarium at the hospital had me gasping for air. If, however, the Three Stooges are not to your taste? Then there is nothing here for you.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. My kids are going to see Dark Knight Rising yet again today, and invited me to rent and watch the previous two last night so I could accompany them. I passed.

  2. Watching the Olympics. Pretty much continuously this weekend, and will continue to do so for the next week.

    Today Canada got its first medal (women’s 3m synchronized diving) and our women’s gymnastics team advanced to the finals for the first time ever (1980 doesn’t really count because the Soviets boycotted), so it was a good day. The women’s road race was fun to watch, too.

    US gymnastics team is spectacular, by the way. Funny comment from a commentator who said that the 2-gymnasts-per-country-in-finals rule was introduced “because the Russians could sweep the podium” but is now obsolete due to the fact that now….the Americans can sweep the podium. I think it’s good to have gymnasts from more than 4-5 nations competing in the finals, but at the same time – I can understand the frustration with excluding exceptional gymnasts from competing while letting far less impressive ones in.

  3. I finished watching _Victoria and Albert_, and then watched _Lorna Doone_. Next up will be _The Scarlet Pimpernel_. I don’t know why I find these BBC period dramas so soothing, but I do. I also filled up my amazon prime free-streaming watchlist with all manner of intriguing stuff, although the first random indy short I picked to actually watch from it was execrable.

    Readingwise, I continue my fluffy novel binge: YA, urban fantasy, goofy mysteries, and Harkness’ _Shadow of Night_ (the follow-up to _A Discovery of Witches_). Somewhere under the bed is the so-far fascinating and incredibly well-written tech/philosophy manifesto _Natural Born Cyborgs_ by Andy Clark, but I’ve been too lazy to read it lately.

  4. Just went to see Moonrise Kingdom, it was great. If you like dark quirky funny movies I think its a must see Directed by Wes Anderson.

    As we don’t have cable anymore can’t watch what we really want too (GoT and Downton Abbey) till the current seasons come out on DVD

    Oh yeah and the Olympics. How come male volley ball players are in baggy shirts and shorts while the ladies are in bikinis?!!!! life is sooo not fair

    • In 1996, women were caught sneaking in weapons. This was instituted as a compromise to allow the sport to continue in the Olympics.

      I wish the world weren’t this way but it is.

    • My wife keeps complaining that the beach volleyball players would be more fun to watch if we didn’t spend half the time watching them pick their bikinis out of their ass cracks.

        • I don’t think she is. I think if you have to continually pull your uniform out of your ass, it’s time for a redesign.

          • I don’t think shifting from 90% nekkid to 70% nekkid is going to ruin the sport.

          • Good point, Johanna. Leave a bit to the imagination (like why the F beach volleyball is an Olympic sport?).

            Mike, who argued that DH’s should be 20% less naked? I mean, in David Ortiz’s case, I understand the sentiment… but I never actually heard someone articulate that point!

          • Would having DHs wear bikini briefs increase attendance at AL parks?

          • As someone who grew up spending a good deal of time on the beach playing in the sand in both shorts and a bikini, bikinis cause far more sand in uncomfortable places. The League’s wasing comment keeps coming to mind.

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