I did not have time to devote to a review of my absolute *FAVORITE* episode of Fringe “White Tulip” (which, if you happen to have Amazon Prime, you can watch for free here). As such, I’m going to kick the can down the road a week *BUT ALSO* to tell you, yes you! Person who has not been participating in the Bookclub!, that this is the one episode from all four seasons that you ought to watch. If you watch it and you don’t dig on it, that’s totally cool… but if you watch it and it blows you away?

You should join our bookclub here.

I will review this episode next week. Promise. Cross my heart, etc.


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  1. Making me regret not making time for this book club every week, aren’t you JB?

  2. It is a terrific episode, looking forward to the review.

  3. I have seen it and I must say…. I loved the episode. Can’t wait for next week.

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