So, technically, I haven’t watched the Superman movie yet. I hope to have done so by the end of the day (it’s just that the boss fight for Majin was soooo tough). I also, you may have noticed, left Game of Thrones at work and, instead of being able to read it during the backups I absolutely, positively, have to monitor… stuff has merely been insane.

So I’ve not watched, nor read, much of anything.

Well, except for Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? (Deluxe Edition). That’s the last Superman story from the Superman that we all knew about from the 30’s until John Byrne came out and said “yeah, all that stuff never happened” with editorial support.

Anyway, they talked to Jerry Seigel and, due to legal junk, he couldn’t write the last Superman story before Crisis and John Byrne’s “Man of Steel” changed everything. So they went to Alan Moore who wrote the story that they said that they’d want written if Action Comics and Superman were closing down for good… a fitting capstone to everything that had happened to that point.

And Alan Moore gave them what maybe nobody else but Jerry Siegel could have given them. As Bizarro said, “Hello, Superman. Hello.”

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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      Ooooh, and you’re going to read Changes next, I hope, and then you’re going to finish it and you’re going to YELL. So, my advice, is to have Ghost Story ready for when you finish Changes.

      The next book has been announced and will be coming out in November.

    • That’s my favourite of the Dresden Files. It really is amazing, both for complexity of plot and development of characters. I really love how Morgan is written. And all three of the scenes that start with “Harry walks through his door to find a strange tableau” are wonderful.

  1. Homework.

    OK, that’s not really ALL I’ve been reading and watching. I also read some fantasy novels and an academic-fan book about family in Buffy and Angel, and I watched all the deleted scenes from the third season of Glee.

    But it feels like homework and nothin’ but, I tell ya.

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