Bending the Rules is a movie you’ve seen before. More than once. He’s a (insert description here). He’s a (insert description here). Together they fight crime!

In this case, the two guys are Jamie Kennedy and Adam “Edge” Copeland. Kennedy is a DA who is having the worst week of his life. Edge is a cop under indictment by this particular DA. Together, they’re acting in a perfectly competent buddy cop film. Here’s the trailer:

Now I know what you’re saying. “Did they use the talking with your mouth full joke…twice? In the same trailer?”

Yes. Yes, they did.

“And isn’t it the case that movie trailers for purported comedies generally put their *BEST* jokes in the trailer? Well, the best non-dirty jokes?”

Yes. Yes, that’s the case.

“So are you telling me…”

Wait. Hear me out. It’s a buddy cop movie like the ones you remember from the 80’s. A couple of fairly charismatic people in absurd situations, a mystery that involves asking the right questions of the right people (if you can find them) while the clock is ticking? One that doesn’t screw it up? I mean, sure. “The movie doesn’t screw up” isn’t the highest praise you can give a movie. You know what, though? I’ve seen more than enough movies that did.

This movie has a handful of laugh out loud moments, a handful of exciting scenes, and a perfectly servicable plot. It’s a nice little lowest common denominator kinda movie. The whole family will find this fairly inoffensive, as these things go, if we have to all watch something together, anyway. (And if you look at those prices at the link, for six bucks, you can get a *LOT* worse.)

So that’s my half-hearted recommendation for you this week.


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