Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

I know I say this every time we have a three-day weekend coming up but the *BEST* three-day weekends are the ones that have the day off be on a Monday.

When the day off is on Friday, you start the party on Thursday night and it’s party party party on Friday and Saturday too and then, by Sunday, you’re ‘zausted and you look forward to work on Monday because you can finally get back to a routine.

When the three-day weekend is on Monday, you do your normal routine for work, you go home, you do your Friday night stuff, maybe, you do your Saturday night stuff, maybe, and you do your Sunday stuff and when you wake up on Monday morning… you don’t have to go to work! Surprise! And, on top of that, it’s followed by a four-day week!!! Heaven itself!

So, this weekend, I’ve checked the schedule and I don’t think that anything at all is going on. No gaming on Saturday, no family gathering on Sunday… and, on top of that, we did the worst/most brutal of Costco/PetsMart trips last weekend. So the errands this weekend won’t even involve the stores that involve the bulk purchases.

Nothing. Sweet, sweet nothing. And laundry.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. I’m working a 9-80 during the summer so I have a *four* day weekend. Alas, I have no beer right now.

    Tomorrow, I finish demo’ing the stuff I’m taking out of the garage, I drive Jack & Hannah’s old bunkbeds 40 miles to sell them to a Craigslist buyer, and I buy some lumber. Saturday I rebuild the shelves in the back of the garage. Sunday is fantasy football draft day at the domicile of the pater familias. Monday is… shoot, I don’t think I have anything on Monday. Let me check…

    … nope! Hey, awesome!

  2. I actually have the day off tomorrow, though have filled it with a return trip to the orthopedist and a meeting with some colleagues from other schools. From there, I’m off to the city for happy hour and a fantasy draft.

    On Saturday, if all goes well, my 3+ year quest to go to a water park for my birthday will be realized. I’m literally sitting on the toilet right now with diarrhea I’m so excited (literally literally… this post comes to you live from Kazzy’s bathroom). Sunday is the annual Zazzy Family Later Summer Birthday Gathering. Monday is… Monday is where I get my money’s worth for the new hammock I’ve been ignoring all summer.

    • Happy Birthday Kazzy! I’m celebrating mine today. Hopefully going out to an Octoberfest tonight and Sunday. Tomorrow I have to work got a part time gig at an art gallery. Sunday party at the neighbors and Monday sleep late.

      • Same to you, Anne! Mine was earlier this week… August 28th… which is quick becoming the day of the hurricane (Katrina, Irene, now Isaac). Sigh. Us Virgos…

        Have a good time!

        • My family is full of Virgos my mom the 26th my sister and I 31st Hubby Sep. 4th, step daughter Sept 6th and the other step daughter barely missed by being a Leo and is in August as well. Its like Christmas in August

    • It should be noted that I have yet again been thwarted. No water slides were slid down, no mountains splashed down from atop of, no pools peed in (not this weekend, at least).

      Tis bittersweet.

      • I have a friend in his 30s who usually goes to a waterpark for his bday ever year. He also did not make it this year. I guess I will just have to have enough fun for 3 or 4 people.

        • Your friend is the man. You should have enough fun for 3 or 4 people EVERY birthday. This birthday, you should shoot for 9 to 12, it seems.

  3. I 100% agree on the Monday holidays being better for all of the same reasons.

    This weekend is a big one for me. Hunting season starts. I will be driving about 70 miles after work to my friend’s farm in Green County. Camping out tonight because the house is going to be at maximum capacity and I’ll sleep better in my tent. Deer season starts at dawn so I have a very early wakeup call for bowhunting. We’ll have midday to relax and/or take deer to the meat processor. Then dove season kicks off around 2pm so we’ll have a nice big shoot for the afternoon. More camping on Saturday night and then heading home on Sunday morning to relax with the wife and kid(s) over the weekend.

    Summer movie count is at 19 of 22 on my list. My goal is to knock them all out before Tuesday.

  4. I moved into my new place yesterday! (Still in Ottawa, just renting in a different house.) It’s very nice, everything fits in neatly, and I’m happy with it. It’s walking distance from university, which is very convenient.

    Not a great deal else planned for the weekend, but there are a couple things I need to get done – prep for classes that start this week. I downloaded Season 2 of Sherlock from iTunes and have watched part of it, so I’ll probably be finishing that as well.

    • Oh, and if you think a three-day weekend is good – I’ve arranged my classes so I have every Monday AND Friday off! University is awesome that way.


        The Baskervilles one was pretty bad, and there was a pretty ridiculous plot hole in the 1st ep (Scandal In Belgravia) but Sherlock as a whole still rocks. Highly recommended, and can’t wait to see how they resolve the S2 finale cliffhanger (actually, zber bs n pyvss-snyyre-bssre).*

        Tod, have you read Neil Gaiman’s Sandman? After watching Sherlock and seeing a speculative piece of fan art for a completely hypothetical Sandman movie/TV show, I want Benedict Cumberbatch to play Morpheus *so* bad – he’d be *perfect*.

        *as the ep is based on events in Doyle’s ‘The Final Problem’, in which Ubyzrf snyyf gb uvf qrngu ng Ervpuraonpu Snyyf, hopefully this does not truly count as a spoiler.

          • I once got yelled at for “spoiling” Les Miserables.

            This is one of those arguments that will never, ever, have resolution.

            I find rot13 allows for the highest number of people to be happy.

          • I honestly didn’t even think of the possibility of ‘spoiler’ for something that old/well-known, until right before I hit post; I threw that spoiler header/disclaimer on at the last second.

            The ‘header’ I used is the common spoiler convention at a pop-culture website on which I used to comment a lot (before the LoOG fully assimilated me), forgot rot13.

        • I love science fiction and I kind of love stories about unethical government stuff, so I’m loving Baskervilles. It’s not an easy story to modernize, but it’s the only Sherlock Holmes story I’ve actually read so it’s a lot of fun that they picked it.

          Belgravia was okay except they never explained how Adler wasn’t dead after they’d clearly seen and recognized her body lying in the morgue.

          • The bigger issue I had with ‘Belgravia’ was V qvqa’g ernyyl haqrefgnaq gur tbireazrag cybg gb nibvq yrggvat Zbevnegl xabj gurl’q gjvttrq uvz (gur cynar shyy bs qrnq crbcyr). V zrna, fvapr gur cbvag bs greebe vf gb greebevmr, vs gur tbi’g ‘snxrq’ gur penfu, vg’q fgvyy ybbx yvxr n penfu, naq pnhfr greebe, evtug? Vg frrzrq yvxr na hayvxryl naq varssrpgvir cyna, abg gb zragvba gbhtu gb chyy bss, rira vs lbh qba’g unir Fureybpx abfvat nebhaq.

          • Hey JB, my rot13’d reply to Katherine won’t post, I have tried several times – are you aware of any limitations (# of characters or special characters) that might cause that?

          • Checking. I’ll be irritated if it got spamblocked.

            If that happens in the future, just leave the comment and throw up the Jaybird Signal.

          • Okay, it got spamblocked. Why? Non-english blocks of text, I guess… I don’t know.

            It’s irritating because I have had arguments over discussions of whether talking about how Sixth Sense can be spoiled can result in people thinking about what the spoilers might be leading them to spoil themselves by just thinking about the movie too much. How discussing that the Stewardesses Advocacy Group protested the Jodie Foster movie Flightplan is a spoiler.

            Seriously! Me talking about a group of people protesting a movie is a spoiler!!! Because it tells you that the stewardesses are portrayed as bad guys, why else would the SAG be screaming about it!!!


            So rot13 was my refuge. I hid behind it. I talked about movies frankly in rot13… and if someone was spoiled by my talking about it, they had none to blame but themselves.

            And now the protective measures I’ve taken are turning against me.

            Guvf vf jul crbcyr ibgr Erchoyvpna.

            Ab cbyvgvpf.

          • Thanks JB. I suspected spamblock and experimented with putting plaintext at start and end of comment to see if that would fool the blocker, but couldn’t seem to get past it.

            Maybe has to do with comment length as well (I couldn’t shorten by much and retain meaning)? I’ll experiment the next time I do one, and see if I can figure out what the actual parameters are, since you have obviously used rot13 successfully in comments in the past.

          • I know what you mean. I’ve posted stuff that was so sensitive I had to rot13 it twice.

          • I really want to make a joke about the Jaybird signal, but it would contravene the ‘no politics’ rule.

            So if this subject ever comes up again in a thread elsewhere, remind me. 🙂

          • Awesome Will!


            FWIW, I like the first one better. The cops’ expressions really sell the desperation. Where oh where is Jaybird in our hour of darkness?!

  5. The dogs have filled my Saturday for me.
    Last weekend I had to fix a toilet, which involved lugging the dirty big heavy pipe wrench up from the garage. What does this have to do with the dogs? Well…as I was lugging the wrench back down to the garage, I dropped it and it very helpfully bounced into the wall and created a bit of a gouge in the drywall. Ok, so not such a big deal, right? Well, the gouge occurred in a wall inside the area where the dogs sleep at night, and last night, Pogo developed a taste for drywall. I woke up this morning to a fist-sized hole where a simple-to-fix gouge used to be. So…that’s fix number one.

    Fix number two involves purchasing another spool of six-foot horse fence and rerunning one section of the dog run where the clever pups have bent and broken the fence in their quest to be free (and covered in horse poo).

    I hope to be able to affix the drywall tonight and apply the mud tomorrow morning, giving it a chance to dry and harden while Pogo and his friends are outside. We’ll see how that goes.

  6. We were without tv and internet for thirtysix hours so I have a lot of lurking to do before I can I am back up to speed. There are lots and lots of tree parts in the back yard so I will be picking up limbs and cutting and splitting the one tree that hit the fence. At least it only took out twenty feet of fence. Gustav whacked enough trees to get almost 400 feet of fence.

    • Welcome back, sorry things didn’t go as well as hoped but pleased they weren’t as bad as feared.

  7. Homework, homework, homework, and cleaning the bathrooms. Also, that reminds me, maybe you could call the plumber about that one broken toilet? (Worst. Comment. Ever.)

    Monday is not a holiday at my workplace, but rather The First Day of School. Also, I will be working The Late Shift (until 2 am the next morning). (They’re good to me. Also, we get 2 weeks off paid for winter holiday.)

  8. It’s a four day weekend for me. Took today to clean and prep for the weekend. Family arrived from our of state today. I’m putting up a couple of them at my place. Tomorrow is a friend’s backyard gathering and I’m in charge of the rum. The annual Pirate Festival is in town so I will be attending that on Saturday and possibly again on Sunday. Monday is prep for my sister’s wedding, making sure my bridesmaid dress fits, reading, and hanging out with the increasing number of family members as they trickle in for the wedding.

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