Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, the kids are back to school, the summer schedule is officially over with the autumn schedule having officially kicked in, and (in a couple of weeks, anyway), we can officially start thinking about pumpkin pie again. Soon thereafter: The Flannel Sheets.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I will say that autumn feels much different in Colorado than it did in Michigan. In Michigan it meant a handful of things: the leaves changed, the cider mill was open for business (those little cinnamon donuts and cider!),¬†and the sun went away. The lake effects meant that you said goodbye to the sun until about Easter. Now, out here in Colorado, we get about 300 days of sunshine a year and, the best part, the non-300 days tend to be non-contiguous… and this makes autumn and winter something to look forward to when they tended to be something to dread when I was a kid. Or, hey. Maybe that’s nothing more than being a function of being a kid then and a grownup now.

Anyhoo, the weekend looms before me and I am looking forward to it. Friday nights are, once again, nights that Maribou will be at work until after dark (so I’m going to spend them, you know, gaming or watching movies with explosions) but Saturday will be the gaming night that we ease back into the Harry Dresden universe’s version of Colorado. Sunday, I understand, has a bunch of sporting events associated with it so we will probably be out running errands¬†in (what we hope will be) empty stores.

And otherwise settling into “the other routine”.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. I booked tomorrow off (which made this week hell) because we will be heading up to a camp/resort for a church retreat weekend.

    I know. I know. It’s opening day… well, opening weekend, sorta, but the DVR is set, and I just expanded our cable pack to include the Seattle stations, so I’ll never have to miss a Seahawks game again.

    (I’m pretty sure my wife doesn’t read the sub blogs… which is good, because I didn’t tell her I did that.)

    • Your secret is safe here.

      This week has been especially crazy at work, too. Far more than just a short week would normally warrant…

      • “This week has been especially crazy at work, too. Far more than just a short week would normally warrant…”

  2. My sister is getting married this weekend. I would cheer but I’m too exhausted. I will be fulfilling bridesmaid duties and dreaming about relaxing at home in front of my computer and falling asleep with a good book :(.

      • Thanks. I can’t wait to have a few hours to catch up on everything written here. Convention time is my least favorite time to be too busy for the league.

  3. We are supposed to get a cool front this weekend and the temps are going to be in the 80s with a much lower humidity. Life is much better when it isn’t 95 with an 80% humidity.
    For some weird reason I have been patching a lot of roofs the last few days and by 12 it is past hot on a roof.
    This weekend I will be planting broccoli and replanting tomatoes. Isaac killed almost half of the tomatoes I had planted. They were itty bitty things and couldn’t stand the wind and 10inches of rain. I also am about a week late mowing the lawn so I not only have to mow, I have to rake it up or it will kill the lawn. That isn’t so bad because I put all the clippings in a big pile and next spring I rake it back and plant cantaloupes in the mulch. They come out about twice the size of store boughts and are oh so good.
    Our air conditioner has been out of order for about a month and the parts are finally in and we are going to have ac again. So once the yard and garden work are finished I will probably sit in front of the tv and cheer for whatever teams helps the saints and tigers.

    • I can’t even imagine life without AC, and I live in the high plains where 20% humidity is considered a lot. I hope things go smoothly and quickly.

        • 67%? HA! 83% here, my friend. And that ain’t as high as it can go. Like someone soaked a wool blanket in their bathwater, hid in your bushes, then threw it over you as soon as you walked out the front door.

          • dexter, as someone who lives in a similar clime, you have my utmost sympathy. When my friend was visiting from Germany and helping me do some construction work around here, he just could not understand how anything ever gets done in this kind of climate; you have to stop and rest and re-hydrate so often, and you can’t move fast, or you’ll keel over.

            Hope you are recovering well from the storm.

          • At 86% humidity, why do you need to rehydrate? Wouldn’t breathing cover it?

          • We have humidity too, but it’s a cold wet, you don’t really feel it.

          • Back in the Pacific Northwest it was, of course, humid. But since it didn’t get so ridiculously hot, I didn’t mind. It did make the cold much colder, though. Which is the same for Back Home, actually. When I moved to Deseret, I thought “Man, I used to think 40 degrees was cold. Ridiculous.” Actually, in humid weather, 40 degrees can be pretty cold.

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery from Isaac and prosperous canteloupes.

      • Thank you Miss Mary. The canteloupes are for next summer and the way I grow them is the lazy gardener method and it works great. I had some volunteers with about twenty flowers on them growing but they turned into deer food.
        Damage from Isaac consists of about twenty feet of fence and the oak floor next to the back door buckled because of rain blowing in from the wind. There is nothing one can do about red oak that is a full one inch thick and six inches wide but hope that it will shrink. I am hoping that when the ac is up and running the floor will shrink back to where it was. If that doesn’t work I will have to take up the boards and make them smaller.

  4. THIS week, I’m going to get ahead on the homework instead of lagging behind. I swear it.

    • For which reason, I’m not gonna even think about what else I will be doing. Other than gaming, which will be a welcome break! Hooray! Gaming!

      • I know I’m not quite ready to go back for my Master’s when the thought of countless hours of homework makes me cringe. Good luck Maribou.

        • Thanks, Mary! I put 2 hours in last night after I got home from work at 10 pm; so far, so good.

  5. No ac is not horrible. We went almost eight years without one before our upstairs bedroom was going to be used as a changing room for the grooms for one of the nephew’s wedding and my mother-in-law told us to fix it so they wouldn’t sweat. The secret is fans. It was horrible after Katrina because we were dealing with death and destruction in a city we love, and we had no electrictiy for eight days. After hurricanes the humidity seems to go up around ten thousand percent and with no fans that was a very bad week. My wife is an incredably even keel woman and for the first and only time in the twenty years we have been hanging around each other she got depressed. Way too much death and sweat.
    I lived in Boulder for several years and don’t remember acs so I guess it is a younger generation thing.

  6. My town is hosting the annual “Cheese Festival”. Apparently, where I live is the birth place of Velveeta. And this is worth celebrating. Annually.

    Needless to say, I will be there and will not hesitate to join in some constipation-causing revelry.

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