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      • If you like that type of music, there has been a sort of mini-revival of that sort of hazy/jangly/twee-ish stuff in recent years (Real Estate, DIIV, and Beach Fossils being 3 of them). I am a sucker for jangle, and a sucker for drone, so when a band combines those (ideally like the Feelies or The Clean) I am invariably roped in.

        I like Beach Fossils best of all of the revivalists:


        DIIV (Dive) is semi-related to Beach Fossils, I think the guy is a touring guitarist with them:



      • Second Jaybird’s review of “What You See”.

        Thanks, Glyph.

  1. Hey JB, got caught in the spam filter (Your comment is awaiting moderation) due to links – weird, because usually it’s OK with fewer than 3 links.

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