So I’m back to playing The Witcher 2. The first time I played through the tutorial, I defeated one single opponent before being squashed into the dust. “Suggested Difficulty Level: Easy” the game said to me. So, this time, I said “I’ll show the game!!!” and I set up traps and equipped knives and spells and got stuff going and defeated, like, seven.

“Suggested Difficulty Level: Easy”.

Okay. I can live with that.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I am also playing FTL. I finally got to The End Of Sector 8 and found what awaited me there.

    Oh, I said.

    Right before I died.

  2. On vacation, so I’m limited to what the old laptop will run. So far it’s Home which is kinda cool, not as good as Lone Survivor. I got the Humble Bundle 6 and looking forward to Vessel and Dustforce. I think FTL will run, so I need to get that.

    When vacation is over, it will be Torchlight II.

  3. I’m finishing my final playthrough of Mass Effect 2. After that I’ll grab Torchlight 2, and maybe FTL.

  4. Mostly splitting my time between Guild Wars 2, finishing up some of the original Guild Wars quests that were added to bridge the gap between games, and dabbling with Borderlands.

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