NFL Week 3 Recap









The Eagles are poopheads*.

After 3 weeks, how do you feel about your squad?  I am obviously and rightfully dissatisfied.

* Zazzy can testify to the real language I want to use, but I know JB likes to avoid getting R-rated here, which is probably a good thing for me to work on at this point…


One man. Two boys. Twelve kids.


  1. The Ordinary Gentlewomen are pretty happy. Kazzy you better get used to poop I think there is going to be alot of it in you immediate future. 🙂 again congratulations

  2. 2nd week in a row Redskins throw away a game (after receiving a few gifts) on a boneheaded unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • Tebow:
      Passing: 0 attempts, 0 completions, 0 TD, 0 INT
      Running: 2 carries, avg. gain 0
      Receiving: 0 receptions for 0 yards

      This is what’s called a balanced attack.

          • Many people saw the field goal attempt sail through the uprights.

            Far fewer saw that the ball was not a ball at all but actually Tebow himself, morphed into a ball impugned with magical powers which he used to direct what would have otherwise been an errant kick for the winning score.

  3. Bills win easily again, though not as easily as they would have with real refs.*. cJ Spiller does NOT have a broken collarbone, which is a big relief.

    Relatedly, they really need to get the real refs back- I would like to see statistics on the average length of games this year with the fake refs. It’s true enough that people are still going to watch, but at some point NBC is going to get pretty ticked about the number of games still going on when they start running their Sunday night highlights show and pre game show.

    * To be fair, the fake refs were bad on both sides, but the badness on the pro Browns side of the ledger immediately set up/printed scores.

  4. Ugh, the Broncos are looking like the Broncos of last year, except with out the improbable wins at the end. Maybe there was something to those Tebow “intangibles” (that one is for you Jaybird).

  5. My fantasy league I broke one of my naughts. I’m no longer defeated.

    0-2-1 is not what I would call an awesome record, though. I’m benching Rivers for RG-III, that’s for sure.

    I was displeased by the 49er-Minnesota game, but I predicted 14-2 so that’s just 1.

  6. My professional life is filled with frustrations about which I’m trying to be patient. I had a somewhat disappointing birthday yesterday about which I’m trying to be a good sport. Today is probably not a good day for me to spend a lot of time blogging let I spew more bitterness and bile everywhere. You all don’t want to hear it and shouldn’t have to.

    Suffice to say, my fantasy teams both suck and are hobbled by poor coaching decisions. I’ll let you know how my real-life team is doing tonight after seeing the game against the Seattle SeaChickens.

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