We’re still *BETWEEN* bookclubs. However, if’n you want to get prepared for the coming Bookclubination and you haven’t already, you should pick up Fringe: The Complete Third Season and/or The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes.

We’ll start up Bookclub, again… oh, the 9th. That is to say, the 9th is the day that I will post my review for Season Three, Episode One. And… because we’ll want to maintain the tensions and keep you all wanting more, we’ll announce the comicbook reading like for real kickoff on Thursday.

So, as a discussion topic, I need to know from you what we need to call the comicbook reading like for real bookclub that will distinguish it from our television watching bookclub. Here’s the catch: it’s gotta be one word. And a *REAL* word. None of this “just eliminate the spaces and turn three words into one word” crap. This ain’t Germany.

What thinks are you thunking?


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  1. If you want the word to be Sandman-specific, how about “somnambulistic”?

    If you want it to be more general, how about “inklings”?

      • Yeah, you read my mind.

        This got me wondering if there were a “sleepreading” word. “Somnlegendum” is what I’ve cobbled together and I don’t know if I like it. “Hypnagogia” is the state between wakefulness and sleep, I’ve also found out… but I don’t know if I like that either.

  2. Or, since we don’t call them comic books anymore, the Graphists. (Graphites?)

      • Several words. My favourite is Witzig. Though in Bavaria I’ve heard Blöd and Wahnsinnig.

        I second the worthy Glyph’s “Oneiricon”, though the Lucien Group might be as good, Lucien the librarian.

  3. Okay. At this point, I’m thinking that we should run with “Somniloquy” (that is: “talking in one’s sleep”) for the bookclub discussion pages in which we discuss reading the Sandman comic books together.

    Are we all okay with that?

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