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  1. Reading A Feast for Crows

    Watched Looper yesterday. I highly recommend it.

    • I can’t quite grok how the basic premise of that movie makes sense. Why send them back in time to have them killed? Why take the chance that the hitman fails? If it’s to dispose of the body, why not kill them and *then* send them back? Do they explain this in a way that makes sense?

  2. I somehow got myself in the middle of three different books at once:

    1. Heinlein’s The Star Beast, which I haven’t read for decades, because I used to own a copy and re-read it every year. It’s hilarious. Heinlein is at his best when he doesn’t take himself so fishing seriously.
    2. Consider Phlebas, which is the first of Iain Banks’s Culture novels. The first three chapters already have more gosh-wow (and intelligent gosh-wow) than any run-of-the-mill space opera.
    3. The Whirligig of Time, the last of the Jan Darzek books by the now almost forgotten Lloyd Biggle, Jr. It’s a series I used to read as a teenager, and this one only became available this month when the new inter-library-loan system went active.

    I also need to re-read the relevant bits of Pro Git and devise a codeline branching strategy for after we launch version 1. But once I extricate myself from all this, it’ll be Preludes & Nocturnes for the book club.

  3. Reading: Nicole Kraus’ _Great House_, the Brown family’s book _Becoming Sister Wives_, and Zorah Neale Hurston’s collected letters. And WAY too many class readings, of course.

    Watching: The Gilmore Girls season 1 still. Also, I have a movie checked out from the library called _Pariah_ which promises to be both wonderful and hard to watch.

  4. Just finished Game of Thrones. Not reading anything non-internet at the moment, time is super-limited, between work (my colleague is on vacation and I am covering his projects too) and a 100% sick family.

    As soon as I have a minute, The Once and Future King; and of course Sandman.

  5. Halfway through A Storm of Swords. Just watched the Dr Who mid season finale. It wasn’t bad, but they have done better. (and I actually like overall Moffett’s writing and showrunning better than Davies, which I think is a minority opinion)

  6. Just finished reading When She Woke, almost done with Seven Wonders, about to crack the two books I’ve been most excited to read this Fall: Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue and Terry Pratchett’s Dodger.

    Think I’m (probably) going to gift myself the time to be inspired by Maribou, and start posting some kind of review of whatever I read.

  7. Plowing through the last season of Heroes, which I’ve been consuming in vast gulps, four or five episodes at a time.

    Been photographing architectural detail in downtown NOLA and looking for an apartment. It’s been a wrench, separated from C. We used to be together 24/7 for well over a year and a half. Can’t wait for her to get down here.

  8. The Tebowite legions prove no match for the red and gold hordes from the land of gay liberal atheism!

  9. I’m finishing up John Sandford’s Rules of Prey, the first book in his Prey series. I’m liking it, for the most part. I’m not sure how you turn this into a series of books without it retreading a lot – if it sticks with serial killers (and if not, why is everything “prey”?).

    As fortune would have it, eMusic doesn’t have many of the books, so I won’t be finding out unless I use Audible credits.

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