Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, instead of having a week where a mistake was caught by someone important, I caught a problem that was… obscure. It would only happen to certain users and only under certain circumstances. We caught it, we chased it down, we fixed it. And stuff like that always makes a week feel *GOOD*.

So, this weekend will, I hope, not be one filled with work dreams. Ironically, I also picked up XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Dish On ‘Er ‘Ed, two games I’d been looking forward to for a while. The first is about an alien invasion where, at first, we know nothing about our invaders but, with trial and error and vivisections and reverse engineering, we fight back, baby. And the second is, apparently, about someone with a cockney accent with a dish on her head. I’m looking forward to playing those, and playing with my gaming group come Saturday, and enjoying a couple glasses of something here and there throughout.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. And the second is, apparently, about someone with a cockney accent with a dish on her head.

    “Dish” is short for “dish soap”, so what she has on ‘er ‘ead is either a rope or the Pope.

  2. Ten days until Jumping Bean arrives. We think this requires some planning. We’re not sure what planning, exactly. But planning.

    Other than that, college football and taxes.

  3. It turns out that there will be must-see baseball on Sunday.

  4. High school football tonight (my alma mater is currently ranked 14th in the nation).

    R & R tommorow before UFC 153.

    On Sunday I get to spend 8+ hours assembling a steel shed for my mom. No going to be fun.

  5. SW:TOR
    Horde Saturday
    Picking up florescent bulbs for the kitchen.
    Picking up comics which, with the end of The Boys and me dropping Suicide Squad last month, isn’t a big pickup.
    Playing XBL demos until I’ve cleared off space.
    The usual.

  6. Funny, I had a weird work dream the other day. And apparently when I saw the person that was in it I felt compelled to tell her about it. That forced me to lie about how she performed in my dream.

    I will be prepping this weekend for my business trip next week. Lots of cleaning, packing, and loving on Junior since I’ll be away for four whole days.

  7. I had a wonderful time in Canada. Am sick now though. Also tired. Also horribly behind in school.

    So, probably spending the weekend in bed doing homework.

    Oh, the glamour!

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