Well, it’s that time of year again. Time for Christmas songs that you don’t quite mind. Or, at least, that *I* don’t quite mind.

Golly, the 1970’s were weird, weren’t they?

Well, when you start thinking that, you eventually get to the 80’s and you start listening to Wham’s “Last Christmas” and you realize that the 80’s were pretty weird too.

While we’re all familiar with Gabriel’s Message from when Sting brought it back, he minor keyed it just a hair too much (to my taste). I really like Marillion’s take on it:

And, of course, for those of us who are more into Solstice than Christmas (no religion), there’s always Dead Can Dance’s Persephone (Dang… we should do a series on Dead Can Dance).

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. Been stuck in a Jason Isbell loop lately. Here We Rest, then Seven Mile Island, then Siren’s of the Ditch, repeat, repeat …. repeat.

  2. I’m on a weird 80s kick.

    There’s a draft post up in the queue for Thursday. Spoiler alert: game recommendation. I’m crazy-busy tomorrow evening, so if I don’t get around to posting it when you’d normally put up a Thursday, you can publish that one.

  3. Well, now that you ask . . .

    I’ve had this little tune running through my head for about a week-and-a-half now, so I figured I would write some lyrics for it.
    It’s a catchy little tune, kind of a bouncy dance tune with a strong moderate beat.

    Oh, why?
    You know you are a whore
    But if you are a whore
    Why would you want to be
    Such a stupid whore

    Oh, now
    If you just shut your mouth
    Although you might still be
    You wouldn’t really seem
    Like such a stupid whore

    Yeah, I guess I still think of that one a bit from time to time.

    So much for the holiday thing.

    • I realize I probably should have kept it to something along the lines of:

      I penned a tender and moving ditty for an old flame.
      Within the first two lines, everything that was good, beautiful, true, and right in our relationship is described in the most poignant and heart-rending terms.
      Then it goes on to how the world was against us, and though there was something there that was really meant to be, the two star-crossed lovers had their dreams dashed like some tragic shipwreck on the rocks of some barren shoreline.

      That would probably have been sufficient.

  4. Riffing off Dead Can Dance, this FSOL track sampling DCD came up in shuffle last week; hadn’t heard this one in a while.

    (Trigger Warning: some strobing effects in an early-90’s video, which is surprisingly awesome in a psychedelic-druids fashion)

    Here’s the Mogwai track I was trying to embed audio-only in my Sandman “Calliope” piece, see song name for clue as to why.

    (Trigger Warnings: Simultaneously-depressing/beautiful images from atom bomb test footage; also, since it’s Mogwai, be careful about turning it up too loud at the start, because at 2:55 they’ll take yr head off yr shoulders and yr computer speakers off yr desk.)

  5. Also, I can almost guarantee that you did not hear and see a more perfect marriage of sound and image than this in 2012. Or maybe ever.

    • that was surprisingly good.

      you don’t buy the hype because they’ve blown more deadlines than a necrophiliac.

      new burial is totally rock on, btw.

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