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  1. Watching Kenneth Branagh despair yet again for a third season of Wallander.

  2. Got Unwritten vol. 6 but haven’t cracked it yet. Maybe tonight.

    Nearly finished with S2 of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, and getting sad that there probably won’t be any more. 🙁 The show has turned into a casually ambitious thing stylistically, with brio to burn. I think it could become a little lost classic.

  3. I’m watching Downton Abbey. I was hooked by the second episode. I’ve only got a few pages left in Anansi Boys.

  4. Long and probably pointless story, but when does that stop me?

    There was an English bridge player (and writer) named S J Simon, who’s remembered (among bridge players, anyway) for Why You Lose at Bridge, which is both full of good, common-sense advice about how you can improve your game, and quite funny. It turns out he also wrote novels. The first one, A Bullet in the Ballet is a murder mystery set in London among the oddballs and eccentrics of a Russian ballet company. It’s hilarious. I’m currently in the middle of Don’t, Mr. Disraeli, which is a parody of Victorian novels whose cast includes Dizzy himself and a character who’s clearly Harpo Marx.

  5. Working our way through “Homeland”. Pretty fantastic show.

  6. Not reading much; I’ve a project due for a book of post-apocalyptic designs — Doomsday Knits.

    I’ll be finishing tonight, while watching Downton Abbey .

  7. Finished Angelmaker, just picked up Alif the Unseen.

    Need to talk to you guys about maybe doing the Tales from the Night Table on MD until Tree Fort is an actual thing.

    • Is it over?

      I’m not re-reading the first seven books until it’s over.

    • I don’t know if I can manage another reread, but I suppose it’d be nice to get the whole thing in one chunk, right?

  8. Watching Game of Thrones Season 1 (got the DVDs for Christmas). Watched the last six episodes in a single day, and am now watching them with cast/crew commentaries. It’s just fantastic – visuals, acting, everything – far above any other TV show I’ve watched. I can see why people rave about HBO.

    I suspect we have Peter Jackson to thank for this ever being done; nobody would have imagined a fantasy series could ever get a large enough audience to warrant this kind of effort if not for Lord of the Rings, even if the two works are very, very different.

    It’s a little disturbing how much foul language and generally unpleasant material there is in a series that involves so much work by child (well, particularly teen) actors.

    • I recall Martin saying that after meeting the actors for Sansa and Arya he started feeling a little guilty about what he was going to end up doing to them.

    • They aged them up! Dany used to be… um… 13. A story where a fully grown man winds up maritally raping his wife (qualifier added because it’s culturally context-relevant, and Dany-relevant) who is… um… 13.

    • For me the most disturbing bit had to be Lysa and Robert Arryn.

      Because even though I am telling myself, these are actors, and that is likely prosthetic…well, that’s still some kid pretending to do that.

      No, I won’t explain further. If you’ve seen the scene, you know what I mean.

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