Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

So I had intended to take my car to get its 6,000 mile checkup (rotate the tires, change the oil, check out that wub-wub-wub when I hit the brakes when I’m going faster than 50 mph) and the guy behind the counter tells me “WE CAN’T LOOK AT YOUR CAR UNTIL FRIDAY!!! Though your custom is very important to us.”

So, tomorrow, I’m waking up extra early to take the car to the checkup place so that their “courtesy” vehicle can get me to work within, oh, an hour of when I was supposed to have gotten there.

Luckily, this week is one where I’ll easily make my 40 by midmorning tomorrow anyway.

As such, I’m just looking forward to getting a wubless car back tomorrow night allowing me a weekend full of not thinking about the car anymore. Couples’ night out on Saturday, homework and laundry on Sunday, back to the grind on Monday. For some reason, the weather website is saying that it’s going to snow this weekend. As such, maybe we’ll also just do some power sitting.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Moving! I pick up the UHaul tomorrow to use on Saturday because the nearest UHaul open Saturday’s is 100+miles away. We got half the big stuff moved on Tuesday but the baby wasn’t going to let us do any more than that. No babysitter on Saturday either so bit by the grace in Lain we will finish up then. The big stuff anyway.

    Also I am going to prep the misbehaving file server for what will hopefully be some data recovery next week.

    I also how to have an announcement over at NaPP next week. That will involve another move later this year.

    • I’m not sure I like the tone of your last paragraph. If you’re leaving the blog, there’s going to be a lot of hearbreak out here.

    • So I am supposed to be moving stuff with the UHaul right now. I am not moving stuff with the UHaul right now.

      The local UHaul isn’t open on weekends.

      We UHauled some stuff on Tuesday, but because the baby was not very cooperative we didn’t get everything done as we had hoped. So upon returning it on Wednesday, I told them we’d need it again on Saturday. He said that, since they aren’t open on Saturdays, I should pick it up on Friday. I got clarification that I would only be charged for the day that I asked for.

      So then yesterday I roll on up, and the guy working says that they can’t give it to me on Friday without charging me for Friday. He says that I need to call someone on Saturday and they will come in to hook me up. I called the guy and left a message, and can’t do anything more until he calls back. I have a sneaking suspicion that he is not expecting a call today.

      I don’t care whether I should pick it up on Friday or whether they should have someone come in on Saturday. I do wish that they would simply have some procedure in place. It’s not like wanting a UHaul on a weekend is some unusual thing.

  2. Quarter-finals of the NCAA DIII hockey tournament. My college hosts for the first time in the 6 year history of our team (although 2 years ago we made it to the title game and lost by only one goal). It’s another milestone moment for our young program, and Jo and I will be in our regular seats banging on the wall.

  3. And by “couples’ night out,” Jaybird means that we’ll be going over to our very dear friends’ house to sit on the couch with them. And our other very dear friends. And maybe their kids. And eat some stuff.
    #grown #delighted

    Otherwise, what he said.

  4. Tomorrow is work, baseball practice for Jack.

    Saturday is Jack’s baseball game, Hannah’s t-ball game, and then Jack’s first playoff game in the basketball league (that starts at noon). Saturday morning is going to be crazy. If they lose, we are down to baseball. If they win, the Final is Saturday at 7pm.

    There is a possibility that the sister and the old college buddy will show up on Saturday and there will be gaming. No, Facebook just said that’s off.

    Sunday Kitty has bookclub and I fully intend to sit on my ass as much as possible.

  5. I am subbing in for a coworker in a (heavily modified) ADnD campaign Saturday . It will be an all-day affair, and it should be a lot of fun.

    With my Saturday tied up, Sunday will be consumed with the boring housework and grocery shopping type stuff.

      • I have not played with this DM before or under these rules. Actually, I have not played anything prior to 3E.

        I do know a few things, especially related to magic. Spellcasters are extremely limited. A level 1 wizard has one spell slot/day, and there is a high chance of failure. The failure chance decreases with successful castings, I think. However, wizards can store spells in items if they prepare them ahead of time. This requires successfully casting the spell into the item.

        Clerics have to learn spells, they do not have access to the entire spell library of their level.

        If you are interested, I can give you more information after I have actually played. If you post on Sunday, I am more likely to remember to do so.

        • Game called on account of DM’s sick grandfather. Now I have an open Saturday. I guess I will take care of my housework today, instead of trying to cram it all in tomorrow.

  6. taxes friday. then the circus on saturday.

    ciiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiife

  7. Tonight is the P!nk concert with the wife and daughters. It was their Christmas present but I’m excited as well. That chick is hot, sassy and we hear her performances are A-MAZING.

    There is a request for voluntary OT for Saturday morning at work. My hand was not raised so I am hoping they get enough people so it doesn’t become mandatory OT. (Have I mentioned how much I hate this new position?)

    If no work, tomorrow I am painting the baseboards in the bathroom where I painted walls last weekend. Going to start Splinter Cell which was a Valentine’s present from the wife. Lots of PC work to do at home, cleaning up my personal email and sorting through 2012 digital files that have clogged up my desktop. The dogs need a good run so we may look for a ball field with a sturdy fence so they can do their thing.

    • There is a request for voluntary OT for Saturday morning at work.

      Uncompensated OT?

      • It’s compensated at time and a half so I have no problem with them asking. Where I start to get aggravated is when it becomes mandatory. My company has a weird culture where excessive OT is sometimes viewed as proof of dedication instead of evidence of a problem. IMO the actual cause is usually someone dropping the ball, we’re under-staffed or the client has been allowed to move out of scope of the contract. I’ve always prided myself on completing my work in 40 hours nearly every week.

        • My company has a weird culture where excessive OT is sometimes viewed as proof of dedication instead of evidence of a problem.

          I’ve worked places like that, but for salaried workers it’s always been uncompensated (unless you count the occasional free pizza.)

  8. School was snowed out today. Snow is piling up higher than expected in my region. Looks to be a solid 7 inches or so right now. That is throwing a lot of plans into flux. We are scheduled for a “Lamaze blitz” class tomorrow and then dinner with my parents and some baby shopping. Presuming the snow lets up, that should still be on.

  9. SxSW is here (movies and interactive first), which means that I’ll be alternatively trying to avoid SxSWers and trying to get into free events (in both cases, I’ll be complaining about SxSWers). My girlfriend and I have wristbands for the music (wristbands = you get to stand in line for a show while the people with badges walk right in), so I’ll have a good 10 days of complaining in front of me. It will be cathartic.

    • Chris,

      Do you live in Austin? I’ll be there in mid-May for a bachelor party.

      • I am. So’s Nob. Let me know when you’re on town. If you have time, I will buy you a beer.

  10. I’ve started to learn to cook, so I’m going to need to take a few minutes this weekend and organize all of the recipes my friends and family have been giving me. I’m also on the hunt for the screws that go to Junior’s old crib; I’ll be delivering that to my sister who will be giving birth to twins in a couple of months.

    Other than that, not a lot. I want to practice cooking and I need to workout. Not a lot on the docket, as JB would say. I should probably change my clocks today or tomorrow…

  11. Saturday started with discovering that I needed to buy a new Ipod.

    Then there was manscaping and other errands.

    I picked up a book called Moscow 1937 from the Library. We shall see how it goes.

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