Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

This has been one of those weeks that alternates between “YAY ENDORPHINS!” (as in my boss said “I don’t know why this isn’t working” and I pointed at a small thing and said “is it that?” and my boss said “no” but fixed it anyway and it started working and she laughed and said “okay, it was. GOOD JOB!” and then, later in the week, we went to the offsite lab to rebuild it after taking it apart and we got it up and running… and my other boss told me, before going home, “I didn’t think we’d finish that this week. I thought we’d have to write a letter about why we weren’t able to. Good job.”) and “BOO STRESS!!!” (there was this thing that didn’t work at the lab, we had to put the offsite lab back together after taking it apart).

So, lemme tell ya, this weekend has been hard won. Moreover, the grandaddy of them all is this Sunday. That’s right: It’s WRESTLEMANIA again! I’m looking forward to the wings most of all.

So… what’s on your docket?


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    • I’m very relieved you’re in your new (temporary) digs; I had a growing sense of bad karma with the old.

      Welcome home.

  1. amnh kiddie class (something to do with butterflies i think?) on sunday.

    • You’re never too old to play dress up (said the girl who majored in theater arts for 3 years).

      • Yep. (says the guy that was in the military for 20 years)

  2. One of the last bachelor parties. I’m abandoning the wife and children to baseball on Saturday morning and taking a van o’ dudes down to San Diego county where we will pay a nice man to drive us around in another van and make stops at several of the notable breweries down there, sampling the wares, and then go out to a dinner that involves more beer.

    We’re too mature for the stereotypical entertainment, but not so mature that we can’t get snockered.

    Sunday I will be driving back, working on my last term paper probably ever (last class is almost over!).

  3. Well, Friday is the last day at old job, Monday first at new. So just a little me time, in other words wondering around a couple swap meets, looking at crap.

  4. Saturday: Friends of the San Francisco Public Library Book Sale with friends

    Sunday: Terra Cotta Warriors of the First Chinese Emperor at the Asian Art Museum.

    I’m very high brow this weekend.

  5. Wrestlemania is the big thing this weekend! Chips, soda, wings, and ribs! Life does not get much better than this.

  6. Saturday afternoon: book club.

    Saturday night: As discussed in the Jack Daniels Lemon April Fools comments, I am heading to a bar with a friend to learn what this Whiskey stuff is all about.

    Sunday: Taking care of all the chores and shopping that I will not have time for on Saturday. Maybe I will squeeze in something enjoyable as well.

    • Make that Sunday: nursing a wicked hangover and cursing the very idea of “learning what whiskey is about”. 😉

      Take it easy on Saturday. You have the rest of your life to try a wide selection, don’t overdo it. Stay hydrated, eat before you drink, and have safe transport home arranged.

      Jesus, I really am a dad now.

      • Also remember the maxim: liquor before beer, in the clear; beer before liquor will make you sicker. Or wait, is it the other way around?

        • “Poker in the front, liquor in the rear” – but only in states where they’ve legalized table games.

  7. I just got home from visiting family in CA last night. This weekend I’ll be savoring the last few days of my vacation and recovering from my travels. Oh, and *another* kids birthdays party. For all you new parents (Ryan, Will, Kazzy), I’ve been to more kiddy bday parties in the past year than adult bday parties in the past three years combined. Be prepared.

  8. Saturday: LaCrosse season begins, and so I’ll be schlepping four kids to three different games around Portland throughout the day.

    Sunday: No plans yet. Might have to BBQ something.

  9. I’ve managed to kick The Wife and Almost-Five-Year-Old out of the house for tomorrow night so I could have a guys’ night, ostensibly to watch the Final Four, but really so my friends and I could pretend like we’re in high school/college again and stay up all night playing board games and drinking beer.

    One problem, though – there’s only three of us, where we used to have five, so our traditional Axis and Allies isn’t going to be quite the same, and may not even be worth bringing out at all. Ticket to Ride will surely be played, but that only takes care of an hour, tops. Risk, maybe? But I prefer at least four people for that.

    Any suggestions for a strategy game I could pick up at a store in the next 24 hours that would be enjoyable with only three people? We are not a role-playing game group.

  10. Video Games. Writing and playing.
    possibly flower show.

  11. I am grumpy that I have too much homework for wrestlemania. More than that will have to wait until I am not so grumpy about my homework.

    *wishes it were summer*

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