We’re going to officially kick off the post-Fringe, still-going-Sandman, new (not improved) book club here at Mindless Diversions!

That’s right, beloved readers, we’re starting the Official MD Babylon 5 Book Club!

(pause for applause)

If you’re feeling particularly crazy, you can get all five seasons of the show in one lump.  The episode list for the first season is here.  My intention is to begin with Midnight on the Firing Line, rather than the pilot, but if you have strong feelings otherwise, let me know in the comments.

We’ll give everybody two weeks to acquire their favorite media in their most-easily-consumed format, and the initial book club post will go up on the 29th, I’ll be scripting the kickoff post.  If there’s a particular episode you’d like to cover, feel free to ping me in the comments or fire me off an email.


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  1. Aww, I’ll be on vacation for the first three weeks of May! I’ll catch up with you guys when I get back.

    I think the decision to start with the first episode is the correct one.

  2. I’ve never watched it. I’ve walked through the room when others were watching it and I took a shine to the character of “Lando” but… never watched the whole thing.

    I’m looking forward to it.

    • Some of the episodes are worth more coverage than others.

      The first post will be just about the first episode. I’ll get ahead of the curve and make some Supreme Editorial Decisions, ’cause that’s how I roll.

  3. At last, I shall attempt this show! (I remember a few years back, there was a dumb “what sf media product are you?” quiz making the rounds. I came out like 96 percent b5, 81 percent firefly… I remember thinking “Geez, I really should watch that show!” for about the 8th time, back then.)

  4. Looking forward to the start. B5 has been my favorite Sci-fi show for a long time.

  5. “There is a storm comming Ambassador. I hear millions of people calling your name……not your followers, your victims.”

  6. Yay!

    I do think it is best to warn any newcomers that the series starts off a bit rough, but once it hits its stride, it is damn good.

    Also, even if we do not discuss it, it is worth watching the pilot. Things happen that are important in the latter episodes.

  7. When was it decided that Fringe would not continue?

    (Not complaining! Just curious.)

      • I think that there were only three votes indicates that it’s a good idea to move on to the next one. I’m really sorry I fell off the rails with that. Baby and all. (I may call her Lain, but maybe I should change that to My Little Bundle of Excuse.) I really hope to be in on Babylon 5.

        Who knows, though, maybe at some point we will want to go back and finish Fringe.

        I still need to do my series wrap-up post. Glyph left a great comment on here when I mentioned having seen the rest of the show and I never took it up. (Once again, MLBOE.)

        • Two votes. One person changed his.

          Yeah, that was enough for me. Sigh.

          I hope that some of you watched White Tulip, if you wouldn’t have otherwise. That would have made this entire exercise worthwhile.

          • Well, you know if you’re ever stuck with “what do I write about?” in your head, you can always do the next episode.

          • I’m actually kinda looking forward to having a couple of my late Sunday hours back.

            For now.

          • Still, really liked the show and want to finish it. My wife is going to join us for B5 and hopefully post here too.

  8. It has, sadly, not aged well.

    Reminds me of reading some older books — they often seem hackneyed and derivative, and then you realize “Oh, wait. This isn’t derivative — this guy/girl did it first. Everyone else took this concept and ran with it.”

    A lot of the things that made B5 special to me — things I loved — basically got snapped up and integrated into a lot of good TV later. TV that did it better, since they weren’t feeling their way through it.

    Lando is good. 🙂 G’Kar is good. Bester is Space Awesome.

    • Bester is Space Awesome.

      As we should celebrate, next time we have a book club that reads books.

      • I liked the Telepath Triology, I’d be up for that.

        • I was also fond of the concept of the Techno-Mages.

          Got snapped up by D20 modern and a lot of other “urban/modern supernatural” games. Not quite so…B5ish…but a lot of either replicating magic through technology or expressing magic through technology.

          Basically a joyful stampede through Clarke’s Third Law.

          • I liked the Techno Mages as well. I liked the spin off. I always wanted to see more of Galen and the technology.

            Ofc, who didn’t love the Vorlons?

          • Vorlons?

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