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  1. For years, I though the Neil Diamond song was called “Reverend Bluejeans”.

  2. My son loves that particular video. He’ll randomly blurt out, “Make me fries!” sometimes. Personally, I like the line “potato waaaave.”

    • Also, Pearl Jam lyrics, because Vedder sings with marbles in his mouth, are easy to mishear (if you can hear anything resembling a word at all). In high school, a friend of mine thought the lyrics to one of the songs on their second album were “glorified virgin of a pelican.”

      • his singing voice is one of the more entertaining singing voices to make fun of, ever.

        • I hadn’t seen that video, that’s pretty funny.

          Vedder, Boomhauer, and Mushmouth need to start a band together.

      • I am reminded of the line from Weird Al’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” parody. Something to the effect of “It’s hard to garble noddle zoss with all of these marbles in my mouth”

  3. I’m still unclear why we sing to Colin Firth on everyone’s birthday.

  4. How about lyrics you were initially sure you *must* have misheard, but turned out to be correct?

    There’s an older, minor Guided By Voices song in which the first lines are:

    “Come on over tonight /
    We’ll put on some cat butt and do it up right”

    Apparently “Cat Butt” was a late-80’s Seattle rock band. But at the time I first heard this, I had no idea and busted out laughing.

    Needless to say, I still get irrationally-excited and sing LOUD whenever this song comes up on shuffle, because IMO there is no better invitation to get wild, than putting on some cat butt and doing it up right.

    (I have also been known to call up friends and propose an evening of drinks and records using this terminology).

    GbV, “Pendulum”:

    Cat Butt may also be found on the YouTube, if one is so inclined.

    • That’s a classic. like

      Scuse me while I kiss this guy


      The girl with colitis goes by

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