Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

One of the things we love about our house is the water pressure we manage in the master bathroom. We have stayed in Fine Hotels that didn’t have showers as awesome as ours. We visit friends, go on vacations, and we say to ourselves as we walk in the front door “Man, I can’t wait until I can take a shower.”

Until the past couple of months, that is. We had work done on the water on our street, which meant that we had to have the water come into the house via the front spigot (via the fire hydrant).

Did you know that that’s one way to do it? Surprised the heck out of me. They had three or four houses on our street all hooked up to a big pipe connected to the hydrant and, from the big pipe, little hoses (industrial strength garden hoses!) that connected to the house.

This meant that our showers went from “we envy no one” to “ugh”.

Anyway, we got our water back today. The showers are, once again, magnificent.

So, this weekend, while I will be doing the usual rounds of chores, errands, laundry, gaming, and essay writing… I am looking most forward to the showers.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Work on the final paper. It’s a 12-pager, and most of the work is going to be jettisoning stuff from the outline that won’t fit. That’s just a couple of hours, really.

    Friday, I’m dropping off my application to take the at-large seat on the PUSD school board (we just had redistricting, this is an appointed seat). I have poker night. Saturday, we’ve got both baseball games and then a quick turnaround trip south of the border (i.e., to Orange County) for the nephew’s birthday party in the park. Probably dinner with the sis & brother in-law-after that.

    Sunday, I’m getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to do a blowout Mother’s Day breakfast. I’m still working on the menu.

    Oh, right, at some point on Saturday I have to cram in a quick shopping trip to buy supplies for that, so I have to finalize the menu tonight, I guess. If anybody has a world-smasher idea, feel free to drop comments.

    I have the four main rulebooks for Pathfinder, now, at some point I’m going to peek through them.

  2. Last weekend we had stuff from morning through evening all day everyday, and it was all awesome. This weekend we have nothing really scheduled, and that is awesome too.

    Things that may well figure in the weekend are Star Trek, a wee bit of writing, a whole lot of reading, a little NBA, trying some new recipe, and enjoying what will probably be out last couple of days of sunny, summer-like weather for a few weeks.

    The reading thing reminds me… I was going to start posting reviews of what I read here, and then I got sidetracked by stuff. Would it be cool for me to start posting those again? THe last several books I have read have been wicked good.

  3. Besides the usual weekend stuff I am going to be checking in here every once in a while in the hope that someone will tell me where Blaise went.

      • How? I tried to get to your email and the web tried to get me to get a new email account. The three I have now are more than enough. If you want, please email me so I can just hit the reply button.
        I was just wondering if anybody knew where Blaise landed. Whatever you think of his philosophy or politics, it is hard to say that the man doesn’t have the ability to string words together in an entertaining manner and it is hard to imagine him landing on an echo chamber site.


    Saturday I’m definitely gaming. Sunday I’m definitely hiking. The rest of it is hazy. I CAN HAVE A HAZY SCHEDULE NOW HOORAY.

    • Friday: I went to a classical music concert. Then I came home and did laundry. WOO. 😀

      • Cool. What did you hear?

        The last one I went to was a selection of Bach’s motets. The best part was that it turned out that one of the chorus was a former colleague’s wife, so I caught up with them afterward.

        • It was 17th-century music? So, like krummhorn and stuff. Also a chamber chorus. My favorite piece was actually quite modern: Jaako Mantyjaarvi’s setting of Double Double Toil and Trouble. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2YzlNGCeAc is quite similar to the performance I heard, although it’s significantly more fun when you are sitting in the 2nd row from the stage.)

  5. I am cooking lunch for Mom on Sunday. No definite plans beyond that.

    Today it was announced that my family owned employer has been purchased by our largest customer. Things do not look particularly bleak, it actually seems like it will be quite positive, but there is a lot of uncertainty at the moment. I think that calls for some drinking.

  6. Saturday the wife and I are donning hazmat suits and grabbing shovels and bringing the portable incinerator into our daughter’s bedroom to see if we can make it semi-habitable for her before her return from studying abroad. Sunday is a Mother’s Day lunch out and Iron Man 3, plus the inevitable errands.

  7. I am celebrating the fact that I don’t have any homework to do! And worry about waking up early next week for work. This will be the first time in my life that I have ever been a day walker and doing the day shift thing.

  8. Clancy has had an unimaginally horrendous couple of days. And will spend the weekend doing paperwork on the horrendousness so that she doesn’t get in trouble for spending too much time overseeing the delivery of a baby of a psychologically and emotionally unravelled mother instead of making the hospital money seeing patients in clinic.

    So my job is to make that as painless as possible for her.

    Oh, and take care of the kid.

    • An update, there is a healthy baby and a happy mother. I hope Clancy never again has to work in a hospital that doesn’t do epidurals.

  9. I might finally watch The Raid: Redemption. Or drink heavily.

    Did I say “or”? I meant “and”.

  10. Saturday I’m working because I’m between employees at the moment. Hope this new girl is a winner. I will also be hitting the gym and catching dinner and some theater with a work friend in the evening.

    Sunday I’ll be hitting the gym in preparation for my Mother’s Day brunch. I think I’ll be trying a place in east Portland that allows you to customize your Bloody Mary. And of course I will need to test a few different variations.

    Happy Mother’s Day League mommies!!!

  11. I am having to do something I did not think I would have to do for many years to come. I am working with my family on arranging the memorial service for my Father who died suddenly from a massive stroke. We have been able to see how much impact he has had on so many lives. All I would tell everyone is to cherish and honor those you love everyday we never know what life is going to hand you when you least expect it.

    The family is all together and has spent several nights laughing and crying going through family photographs. Today we will all take my mother to brunch at the Skirvin Plaza and have a fantastic meal enjoying each others company an try not to think about the giant void that is forever a part of our lives.

    • My best wishes to you and your family. I’m glad to hear that there is laughter in your rememberances along with the tears. Enjoy your brunch and your mother’s company.

    • I’m so sorry, Anne. Losing someone you love really makes you feel like your heart might break. I hope it feels better soon.

  12. If someone could take “no” out of that last sentence I would appreciate it

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