Holy cow, System Shock 2 is good. I am seeing everything that Bioshock stole and saying to myself “my goodness… how come it took that long to steal these ideas?” As one of the people who loves the audio diary method of moving the story forward, it’s fun to see one of the earliest (if not *THE* earliest) instances of it being done very, very well.

I’m also surprised to see myself die every three minutes or so. Huh. Video games used to be tougher. I had forgotten.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I don’t recognize that book at the end of the commercial.
    Is this the Extra Bullsh!t We Want You to Buy, Vol. I from the Third Edition that I’ve heard so much about?

      • I think I might have gotten the 2nd & 3rd Editions confused there for a minute.
        I can’t remember.

  2. Knytt Underground. Downloaded it for free from PS Plus. Surprisingly fun and sometimes difficult platforming.

  3. Still trekking along in Morrowind. Despite its gameplay deficiencies, the environmental design was some of the best. It has such a non-traditional fantasy approach. Daedric shrines with strange geometries, giant mushroom towers, a huge portion of a city in a giant crab shell. I even liked that drab color scheme, opposed to the usual lush forests in fantasy fiction. One of the biggest disappointments of Oblivion was that it went back to such conventional appearances.

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