This is a guest post from the League’s own Will Truman!

About twelve years ago, I became a fan of a particular band. There were two web sites for the band at the time. The unofficial one was better because it had all of the lyrics to every song.

A year or so after becoming a fan, I made a friend through blogging. As it turned out, he ran the unofficial site of the band that I had become a fan of.

A year or so after that, I met his friend. She was the one that painstaking transcribed all of the lyrics which were not always easily decipherable. She managed to do this while a medical student.

At some point after that, I married her.

So, as we’re at almost exactly ten years from the day where that kind of important third one occurred, I thought I would share some of their songs. If you have a strong allergy to anything country, it’s probably not for you. But if you have any tolerance, most of them fall between country and rock. For your benefit, I will rate the Country Quotient from 1 (Tom Petty) to 5 (Garth Brooks)

I put this one first because it’s a 2 on the CQ. It actually came out after most of the above transpired, but it’s one of my favorite songs of theirs.

The second is one of the best pissed-off-jilted-lover songs I’ve ever heard. Do note that it has lyrics that might be inappropriate for the workplace. (Country Quotient: 4, it’s a bar song)

Since the previous two don’t come with videos, I thought I would share a catchy tune of theirs with of those fancy music videos (CQ: 2):

And a live tune (CQ: 4):


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  1. That’s a pretty cool story.

    You’ve never lived in Austin, have you? I can’t imagine there were a whole lot of people outside of Texas, at least, who’d heard of Reckless Kelly 12 years ago. When I moved here, they were one of the downtown music scene staples, playing here every week, so I can’t imagine they were touring outside of Texas much.

    • About that time, they were in between having played at Bush’s inauguration and their record deal with Sugar Hill. so they were already becoming something of a big deal and making a national push.

  2. Happy togetherness. And many more revolutions around the sun together, happy, wished.

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