An Immodest Proposal

Yankee fans are up-in-arms (yet again!) as Alex Rodriguez potentially finds himself in hot water due to the use of performance enhancing drugs (yet again!).  Many have taken to the airwaves and comment threads to voice a singular sentiment: Get rid of the bum.  Trouble is he still has 4 years and $86 million left on a guaranteed contract.

So, here is my proposal: The Yankees can cut ARod and be free and clear of him, contract and all, IFF the team agrees to forfeit their 2009 World Series victory and everything related to it.  This seems fair, given that a theoretically PED-fueled ARod helped contribute to their championship.

So… what say you, Yankee fans?


One man. Two boys. Twelve kids.


  1. You don’t go far enough. The first World Series victory that was clearly steroid-driven was 1989. It should be forfeited as a first step. We can consider those since on a case-by-case basis. (Any where Tony LaRussa was the wining manager are obvious candidates for review.)

    • I’m generally not for retroactively awarding or dewarding (is that a word? The red squiggle says, “No.”) championships, which is why this is a quid-pro-quo. Want to rid yourself of a PED-tainted ARod? Well, you must completely rid yourself of him… good and bad.

      If they can make their peace with him, the flag flies.

  2. If we can get the Red Sox World Serieseses nullified, it’s not anywhere near too high a price to pay.

  3. Do you remember what happened to SMU’s football program after the NCAA hit them with the “death penalty?” Can we do something like that?

  4. Did Arod actually help them win? Wasn’t he benched for his turrible hittin? Am I misremembering?

    Personally, I’d just be happy if they cut him. Seems like a win-win. The Yankees and me, anyway.

    • In 2009 ARod was .286/.402/.532 during the regular season and well over 1.000 OPS for the playoffs.

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