Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

So, Wednesday morning, I am having One Of Those Dreams. I have just found out that I failed a very important class at the University of Florida and if I want to get my bachelor’s degree, I’m going to have to transfer my credits to one of the Compass Heading State Schools. There’s this itchy little voice in the back of my mind that is asking “don’t you already have a degree?” but that’s, like, impossible because I have to figure out how to fly to one of the four schools in the next couple of days to set up my next year’s worth of education. And I don’t know how much money I have or whether I qualify for in-state tuition or what. And, it’s not like I’m panicking (for some reason), I’m just confused as to what I have to do next and as soon as I figure that out, I’ll do it.

And the alarm goes off and, second by second, things sink in.

I did not fail my class.
I am not in college at all.
I am not 24 years old.
I have a degree already.
I have to get up and go to work.
It is Wednesday.

And so Wednesday was all tilted, all day. I kept finding myself having to shake off the tiny pieces of the dream that got stuck in the nooks and crannies of my consciousness. (I’ve never even been to Florida. I mean, I’ve been to Epcot, but that’s like saying “I’ve been to Nevada! Why, I went to Las Vegas!”)

That makes your entire week weird.

As such, I’m looking forward to a weekend chock full of normal things from normal life. A trip to Costco to get a case of this, a jug of that. Some sitting on the porch and drinking a glass of something on Friday night. Some time spent doing laundry. Some time spent playing that game I picked up on Tuesday. Easing back into whatis from whatneverwas.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. Go to grad school, and you get those dreams again.

    Double-up birthday party on Sunday. Hannah’s is first, her theme is “Pirates”. The kids will build and race boats, make little pirates out of clothespins, and dress up. Two hour break to tidy, then Jack’s party with the theme “Swiss Family Robinson”. I’m making a 4′ “tree” out of spare lumber and will give them wood bits and tongue depressors and glue and twine and let them make a tree house. We’ll have a coconut bomb throwing contest, with a coconut and a target that I made for Jack for Little League. Then maybe they’ll throw water balloons at Kuala (that would be me).

  2. Tonight my son and I plan to watch Dark Knight Rises.

    Tomorrow is my company’s family fun day, which is being held at Universal Orlando. This means free theme park tickets and a nice lunch. Hopefully there will not be too much rain. Whether these family days will continue in the future, under our new ownership, I do not know.

    Sunday has nothing planned for it yet, other than taking care of the chores I will not be able to to do on Saturday. I am sure I will come up with something.

  3. Tonight is my son’s high school graduation. Topped of with my wife double booking the weekend and spending it with her father in Tennessee, I am unsupervised!
    Which means sitting on the patio reading Hemingway…

  4. HitCoffee.net was taken offline yesterday, which I wasn’t prepared for. I’ve been using HitCoffee.com, so it’s not an end-of-world kind of thing, except that until I can get the forwarding to work, there are suddenly a lot of dead links out there.

    So that’s item #1.

    Item #2 is cross-country apartment-hunting. (Except preferably a house rental and not an apartment rental.)

  5. I have Seasons 2 through 4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation from the library (having skipped Season 1 on the advice of people here), and will probably spend most of today watching some of them. I’ve already seen nine episodes and…wow.

    The first four of Season 2 were pretty poor, and most of them rather ridiculous (such as the Sherlock Holmes one). The next four were much better, and I started to get into the rhythm of the series – it doesn’t have a myth arc like B5; instead, the fundamental conceit is that every episode deals with a moral/ethical/philosophical problem of some kind. “Loud as a Whisper” was particularly good.

    “The Measure of a Man” was spectacular, to the point where it had me pausing my computer to avoid starting to shout at the characters. Ow, my feelings, they hurt. Data needs a hug. Data needs all the hugs, ever. All of the prior episodes had at least one moment or another that had me asking “Why are people such jerks to Data?” and then it all leads up to this, where we get a hearing on whether the most endearing character in the show qualifies as a person. And Patrick Stewart gives a speech worthy of an award. This episode was at least as good as some of the best episodes of Babylon 5. I am very impressed.

    Being a big fan of Asimov’s The Bicentennial Man, I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that this episode got to me, or that Data is probably my favourite character in the show.

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