“League sources” (not us; must be some other League) announce that the New England Patriots are about to sign Tim Tebow, who, it should be noted, has never lost to Eli Manning in the Super Bowl.

According to ESPN

Tebow is currently in line to compete for the same type of role after the club released No. 3 man Mike Kafka on Monday

So they’re going to look at Tebow on a trial basis.

Mike Schilling

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    • You should avoid judgement until the metamorphosis is complete.

      • I assumed he is a Tebow fan, from his days with Denver, who hates the Patriots. Welcome to professional sports fandom.

  1. Someones going to make a joke about Tebow’s role with Patriots being Kafkaesque, right?

  2. [Thinks of Tebow meeting with Belichek. Giggles.]

    [Really thinks about it. Giggles some more.]

    [Realizes he’s being cruel to poor Jaybird who bears no responsibility for this. Decides some things are more important than that, smirks.]

    [Considers what would happen if he’s actually signed. Audibly laughs.

    [Fends off strange look from wife. Too complex to explain to her.]

    [Decides to finally comment.]

    I’m sorry, Jaybird. But for fans of 31 of the 32 teams in the NFL, this is frickin’ awesome news.

      • your looking at this all wrong. tebow to the pats is elways secret master plan. he worked it out with timmy before he traded him. now we have a secret bronco to destroy the evil northern empire from within.

  3. This move somehow made Skip Bayless more insufferable.

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