Holy cow. Is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, after a fairly crappy week, I found out that I have been volunteered to take over the weekend shifts of the weekend portions of the two-week long Rubber Meets The Road test. So there’s that.

The upside is that I should be able to leverage that into a couple of three-day weekends. Or week-middles.

With that coming up, my upcoming weekend will attempt to be THE PARTY TO END ALL PARTIES!!! Or, at least, maybe a couple of glasses of something on Friday night, followed by gaming on Saturday… that will likely turn into going to a movie given that everybody cancelled but me…, followed by a nice chillaxin’ Sunday. Sure, maybe I’ll do some errands in there… but it’s also pretty awesome to be able to go to Costco on, like, a Thursday at noon and be amazed by how there isn’t anybody there.

Maybe we’ll bake that into the cake.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. This weekend I will be thinking really, really hard about electronic cigarettes.

    I will also be going on some trips soon (two family trips – mine and hers – and of course the move) so I am going to need to get some posts written so that everything doesn’t go radio dark while I’m gone.

    I am also on the last episode of Season 6 of Burn Notice.

    I am also hoping that Man of Steel comes to the local theater.

    • Hey Will, I went to electronic cigarettes almost 2 years ago in order to quit, and smoked them for a few months as I weened myself off of them. If you want any tips or suggestions, let me know (feel free to shoot me an email).

  2. New York! New York! It’s a wonderful town! The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down.

  3. Holy cow. Is tomorrow Friday already?!?!

    It’s a good thing that I planned this weekend ahead because work has been Crazy (yes, capital C). Friday night I’m working late because I did a half day on Tuesday for my girlfriend’s birthday, and the gym of course. Saturday I’ve got tickets to Evil Dead the musical and dinner in the big city. Sunday I’m running up to Seattle for dinner and drinks with some friends from high school.

  4. Porchsitting Friday.
    Ren Faire and poetry reading Saturday.
    I think I managed to avoid having plans on Sunday? I think?

    • (I probably will go for a 3-4 mile walk on Sunday though. I’ve been doing that once per weekend just about every weekend. It is nice.)

  5. Oh, you know, I’ll just be putting on a 300 person gaming convention. Fortunately, they got some other poor soul to be in charge of it this year, so my weekend won’t be quite as crazy as it was at last year’s convention.

    If any of y’all are within reasonable driving distance of San Luis Obispo, you should come visit and game. Even if you don’t get a chance to play in the games I’m running, I guarantee you’ll still have a great time.

  6. If you go to a movie, don’t choose Man of Steel. Lots of action sequences (to the point where they get tedious) and no soul. Between this and Star Trek Into Darkness I think Hollywood has decided that idealism is dead and needs to be buried.

    • Hrm. That’s disappointing. Man of Steel is actually the movie I was considering.

      The interactions in the trailer between him and Kevin Costner struck me as pretty much what the character needed for me to not think the movie sucked.

      • My son and I both really enjoyed it. I think the action scenes were at the time over the top, but I liked much of what they did (it’s all Nietzsche and stuff, complete with very Zarathustrian language, but ultimately it rejects Nietzsche). Plus eye-lasers.

    • idealism is dead and needs to be buried.

      But we had a beautiful wake, baby! Pyrotechnics by Bay, choreography by Beyonce, sponsored by – who else – Coke!!!

      America: love it or leave it, but please keep buying movie tickets, and hand us the control codes to all your media devices before you go!

    • I took the kids to This is The End on Father’s Day. It’s uneven, but the best of it is hilarious.

      • It’s uneven, but the best of it is hilarious.

        Par for the course with that crew, then. I’d like to see it, but my next trip to the theater will probably be Monsters University, the boy is going crazy for it right now.

        I read a pretty good interview with Rogen and Goldberg on AVClub, they talked a lot about how TITE was largely improvised, and is also the two of them (as Jews) processing a lot of their childhood fears about Christianity.

        (No religion).

    • Between this and Star Trek Into Darkness I think Hollywood has decided that characters who haven’t already been done to death are dead and need to be buried.

      Fixed that for you.

  7. Playing Agricola tonight, which likely will be the full extent of my fun this weekend. The rest will be devoted to household work that just can’t be put off any longer. Well, I mean, it can, but the unpleasant consequences of doing that are now significant enough to overcome my laziness.

  8. We have been planning a two week trip to the mountains starting next Friday for about four months and ten minutes ago I received a phone call telling me the first campground we had reserved for four days had closed. I called the ranger station and the lady who answered told me that all the nearby federal lands had been closed to hikers and campers. This not only screws with the first four days, it screws with the entire trip. At least we our house is still standing, so I don’t get to whine long. Now I get to spend the next few days studying maps and rescheduling campgrounds. At least we still have our house.
    Where is Rob McKenna when he is needed?

  9. three day solstice party this weekend. tonight walking the labyrinth, tomorrow drumming and other festivities, the super moon and friends birthday. Sunday road trip, stopping at Turner Falls for swimming then on to Six Flags back home on Tuesday

    OT Today I have been having issues seeing comment threads like on this post I know there are 70+ comments but none visible to me on this page

    • You guys seem to have the coolest lives, and ones which I have a hard time seeing unfolding in Oklahoma.

      • Thanks Tod ! My life is pretty fantastic overall. What’s hard to believe? There are Pagans, gamers, LARPers, SCAers, artistic types, and liberals in Oklahoma you just need to know where to look

    • Anne, are you running Safari as your browser? And is it only happening on the sub-blogs, not the main page?

  10. I have been trying (with limited success) to shake a creeping crud that came back with me from Chicago. So much of the weekend may me spent resting and trying to get back to 100%.

    Other than that, some reading and writing (but absolutely NO arithmetic), and maybe a movie.

    Book sorting? Need to do it sometime.

  11. No Chrome. After I posted i could see comments and yeah it was only on the sub-blogs it was weird never had that problem before

    • Weird. Mike and I noticed that issue on Safari but IIRC he said Chrome worked fine. I’m using Firefox and it works fine but if I fire up Safari on my computer or the iPad (which is Safari) I get the same issue – you see comments in Gifts of Gab but none under the post. We’ve reported it to the Powers That Be, I will note that Chrome is also potentially affected, at least once you post a comment you could see them.

      • Sometimes in Safari, I only see updated comments if I force a refresh.

        • That’s normal across all browsers. What is happening here is new – no comments at all are showing, and even refreshing or clearing the browser cache won’t do it, until one gets posted. It’s been going on for a couple days at least.

  12. To all: If comments are not showing, post one, and they will.

  13. Today I came back from my week at the beach. Got in some fishing and some kayaking, and I did not get a sunburn. I consider that a successful vacation.

    This weekend I get to rest and recover from vacation, along with catching up on chores. I also have a week worth of crap in my RSS aggregator to catch up on.

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