Well, maybe I’ll post it with one comment:

This is one of those things that, if it gets out, communicates a great deal about the trustworthiness of one’s search engine.


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  1. (And, for the record, I tested this on my own browser before posting this to confirm whether this was just an ugly rumor. Got the same results. Dang.)

  2. I would imagine that Bing users would have a different opinion of Microsoft’s products than Google users. These are ostensibly searches that users type in, right?

    • Huh. If you just type in “xbox one is”, you get a bunch of negative terms. If you type in “the xbox one is”, you get “amazing” and nothing else. That does make it look rigged.

      • I got negative results for:
        1.) “Xbox one is…” on Google.
        2.) “The Xbox one is…” on Google.
        3.) “Xbox one is…” on Bing.

        I got a sole result for “The Xbox one is…” on Bing: “… amazing.”

        Something is fishy.

        • And if you put in “the ps4 is”, you get nothing at all. Without the “the”, the results are mixed.

        • Yes, sounds like some people may be reverse-googlebombing Bing.

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