Holy cow, is tomorrow Friday already?

Indeed it is.

Well, I’m batchin’ it this weekend. Maribou is off galavanting with her lye-berry friends this weekend and I am Home Alone… and we specially set up last weekend so that the only errand I have to do over the weekend is laundry.


I picked up: Jack Reacher, The Amazing Spider Man, Taken 2, and The Book Of Eli.

Additionally: Magic 2014 came out, like, yesterday.

BEST WEEKEND EVER. Except it’s always better when Maribou is around.

So… what’s on your docket?


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  1. I’ve been working 10 and 12 hour days so… Sleeping?

  2. This weekend is “phase one” of the transition to ecigarettes.

    Also, working my way through Hannibal.

    Tomorrow is Clancy’s last day at work. She’ll have mountains of paperwork she will want to get done, so I’ll also be looking after the little one.

      • Blu, primarily on the basis of availability. Trying to go online and order them meant that they wouldn’t be here in time. So I just went to the Town Pump and got what they had. If I get serious about this, I might look at others. I just needed something right away to prevent myself from putting it off indefinitely.

        • Oh, accessibility is the most important feature, I think. Particularly at the beginning, when it will be all too tempting to go back to regular cigarettes.

        • Also, I think I may have said this in the email I sent you, but the one thing I didn’t like about Blu was the price — everything else, including the flavor, was superior to the other widely available brands.

  3. All I know is that we’re having pizza at some point this weekend. Our plans to have pizza have been thwarted each of the last few weekends, and it has resulted in a serious pizza jones.

    • “There had been several attempts to have pizza, but each time something had gone awry, or afoul, or askew; and one time all three.”

    • Add some dreams-within-dreams and you’re in a Bunuel film.

      • It really has been a sort of absurdist play. I fully expect that, as we order the pizza this week, a giant crack will open in the ground beneath us, or a solar flare will interfere with all transmissions within a 30 square foot radius with us at its center.

        • If we don’t hear from you for a while, we’ll know you’re still at the pizza place, unable to bring yourself to leave.

          • “Hell is other people. Also, I ordered black olives, these are clearly green.”

  4. Have you seen The Book of Eli?

    I’m interested in your take.

      • Jack Reacher is kinda fun. Taken 2… well, at least it reminded me of this:

        What’s this one called anyway?

        It’s a sequel to Body Bag.


        We don’t have a title yet.

        What does Joe like?

        Uh, Body Bags II.

        Which reminds me, I watched Last Stand and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. If I remember correctly, you had a similar experience.

        • Last Stand had no right to be that much fun. (Already I’m dreading watching Stallone’s “Bullet to the Head” when it comes out next month.)

          When it comes to the Takens… well, remember the whole “debt” theory? Taken repays every debt. The only surprise the movie held for me was the whole “oh my gosh… this isn’t a good guy who is trying to save his family… this is a bad guy who is trying to save his family” moment (I’m certain you know which one).

          The only thing I expect from Taken 2 is a similar attitude towards making sure the debt is repaid.

          • I am not going to lie, I loved Taken. It had everything: genuinely good action scenes combined with cheese that was taken to a level very few people can achieve. Taken 2 is not Taken. I’m not saying you won’t have fun, I’m just sayin’, well, it ain’t Taken.

          • Oh. That’s somewhat disappointing.

            (The trope of father saving daughter has been responsible for two really, really freakin’ awesome movies in recent memory… Taken and Live Free or Die Hard… and trying to repeat that formula by tweaking it has failed as far as I can tell… well, I’ll have a movie report on Sunday.)

    • Jonathan, I’m at the beginning stages of planning a Sept. vacation in the Maritimes. If you, or anyone else, has recommendations, I’d be much obliged. Currently, we’re thinking of driving to Cape Breton.

      • I don’t know the Maritimes particularly well (I’ve only been to Halifax… but I loooooved Halifax, as everyone seems to).

        Some of my in-laws are from Cape Breton, and to hear them, it’s heaven on earth. I’m willing to believe that. I can try to get some thoughts from them.

        North is actually from the coast, so he’d be a good person to ask. I think Maribou knows the east coast a bit, too. So, DAMMIT JAYBIRD, get your wife on this thread!

        • Dude, she’s drinking mangotinis and singing Karaoke this weekend. I’ll mention it to her when she gets back.

          (My suggestion: Go to PEI and get yourself all Anne of Green Gabled. Go to the Anne of Green Gables tea room and get plastered on cherry cordials. Catch the Anne of Green Gables musical. Visit Lucy Maude’s house! Buy a straw hat with two attached red braids. Afterwards, go to Cows Ice Cream and get yourself a double cone of something and, as you leave the shop, sing the “Ice Cream” song from the musical.)

        • 😀 I grew up there and didn’t move away until I was eighteen, so yes, I do know it a bit. Though I will concede that I only go back about once every two years these days so my knowledge is a bit dated.

      • driving to Cape Breton from where? 🙂

        I am partial to the nova scotia coast that time of year, so I would probably drive – well, here’s a google map of what I would do.

        If you wanted to spend more time driving around PEI and maybe spend the night there, instead of just going to Rick’s Fish and Chips, I wouldn’t be against that either :D. Not sure if it’s in your price range, but my oldest friend’s parents run a 5-star victorian B&B in charlottetown – otherwise, well – there are a million places to stay for every taste – and there will no longer be a million tourists around since they mostly all go home by labor day, so you have many choices.

        Halifax and Charlottetown both have good live jazz, too, though you have to look for it a bit.

        • From western ME. That looks very much like the tour I was considering, thank you. And for the B&B link!

          • You are most welcome. Let me know if you have more specific questions as you go along – I can usually find out anything about the Maritimes I don’t alrleady know from one of my many still-living-there friends and relations :).

  5. I hereby demand that future comment tolls include a joke. Or a funny story.

    • An appropriate joke. If you’re on some apple device, you can tell the one about the Bar Mitzvah safari.

  6. lye-berry

    You do not want to eat those. Trust me.

  7. Leaving for the mountains in about an hour. We get to play in snow banks and marvel at the beauty, and most importantly, we get to leave lousy sauna for a good hot springs.

  8. So… what’s on your docket?

    Trying to get hold of you. For some reason, I can’t open the last Solzhenitsyn thread where you gave me your email address so I can send you the Jacob’s Room on Monday (it freezes my computer; what happened to it?).

    Blaise has my email address; can you please contact him to get it and send me a short email so I’ll know yours? Thanks in advance.

  9. I have just seen Jack Reacher and The Amazing Spiderman. I liked both movies. I did not watch Spiderman in the theatre, because I was annoyed at another reboot. The funny thing is that the last reboot of Spiderman was 10 years ago. It still seems early for a reboot….

    I will be interested in your take on both movies.

    This weekend the wife and kid come back from Missouri, I suspect that will take up the rest of the weekend.

  10. This week is pretty wide open. It is just a matter of deciding what I want to do.

    Last night I discovered a bunch of water under the AC in my house. I rent, but I am torn between trying to take care of it myself (probably just something blocking the drain pipe for the drip pan) or dealing with having either my landlord or a repair guy come take care of it.

    Tomorrow, I am probably going to put together some decks to take on some of the adventures from the first Hobbit Saga Expansion to the LOTR Living Card Game. I may decide to take another shot at a solo game of Mage Knight instead.

    I may start my writeup for next week’s Somniloquy, or I could procrastinate.

    I have a large list of movies to watch: Dark City, Little Nemo, Platoon and more. I do not know if I will get around to watching any or not.

  11. takin’ the kid to the met to look at knight’s armor. maybe having brunch at some point. thinking/strategizing about packing.

  12. I enjoyed Amazing Spider-Man and The Book of Eli. I hope you’ll like the first; I’m not so confident you’ll like the second. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts once you’ve watched them.

    • I know what the MacGuffin is and don’t know whether the movie would have been better served by not revealing what the MacGuffin is… but it’s well within my tolerances for disappointing big reveals.

      (As such, it’s a movie that I would have been allowed to discuss having watched within earshot of adults without hearing that I shouldn’t watch such things. It’s that filter that I’m going to use when I watch it.)

  13. Canada Day!

    Also, continuing to make my way through Star Trek: The Next Generation – now on Season 5. The first four episodes are great, then there’s a mix of good and just-okay ones, with a couple being downright bad. Still, the quality in general has been rising from season to season.

    “Ensign Ro” may be my favourite episode yet, and was also the most painful to watch.

  14. I have an odd weekend. Tonight I have to prep the backyard for a shindig tomorrow; the PTA “Thanks For Helping Out” party for Kitty’s former board. It’s a potluck and we’re taking down the pool fence and pretty much it will be the adults drinking a tad too much and the kids playing in the pool and about 978 repeats of “no running around the pool!” or “no bathing suits in the house!” or something like that.

    Sunday I’m flying up to NoCal for a turnaround. I’m going to hang with a high school buddy and his wife on Sunday night for dinner. Probably start watching Season 2 of B5.

  15. I’m in Chicago, librarianating. Went to the Art Institute for 2-3 hours, it was awesome.

  16. #*&#$#%$##$Dallas speeders! @##$$%$#%^&%^$#$Dallas tailgaters. *&*&%^&&%%Dallas lane changers. Other than that I have nothing to say about Texas other than finally it is in my rear view mirror

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