Magic 2014 is out and they’ve brought back splinters. The Goblin/Kobold deck for people who hate Goblins/Kobolds. (I dislike how few decks this version comes with but I haven’t played the “sealed deck” portion which, I understand, is the selling point of this particular version).

Additionally, I still have only booted up “The Last Of Us” to the starting screen after downloading all of the patches and whatnot. It’s received so many good reviews! Game of the year!!! BUT SO DID MASS EFFECT 3!!!! So it’s just sitting there.

So… what are you playing?


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  1. I’m playing XCOM again with my base in South America so I can earn the “A Continental Fellow” achievement. Also trying out different perks so I can give Classic difficulty another try. My goal is to make it past friggin’ March…

    Also playing Dragon Age again with the same character I beat the game with previously. I failed to back up my save games and lost the file in which I beat the game (bad admin! no donut!), so I’m working on beating the game again so I can take my Grey Warden into Awakenings.

  2. The cards to my starcraft boardgame have been missing for two years–they got misplaced in a move. I finally found them two weeks ago, and had a chance to play on wednesday. Played Protoss, kicked butt.

    I also rebuilt my Chaos Theory deck for Android: Netrunner. Played a game, but the guy playing corp built his deck in a hurry and forgot to include agendas, leading to a pretty meaningless game. We’ll have a rematch soon.

  3. Signed up for Playstation Plus recently, really just to get some discounts, but now I have a stack of free games to work through. Currently playing Deus Ex.

  4. More Morrowind. I have been named Hortator of all the houses. Next is getting all the Ashlanders to name me Nerevarine, then tea with Vivec and off to gather the artifacts and kill the big bad.

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