Ironically, the storm is the calm before the storm. Ken will be walking us through #55 and #56: Cerements and World’s End, respectively.

(If you absolutely positively have to talk about some major spoiler in comments, please rot13.)

It has also come up that some wish to have a place where they can yell “DIBS!” I suppose this is as good a place to yell “dibs!” as any. (One should also keep in mind that just because someone yelled “DIBS!” on your favorite book, the one that you were hoping to recap, know that you can still submit one. We’ll read and argue over that one too.) Dibs, so far, behind the cut:

Mike Schilling has the Heinz Number and the years the Giants finished first? I’m guessing that that’s #57 and I don’t know if he’s talking about the NFC Eastern or the NFC itself.

Alan Scott wants #75, The Tempest (schedule permitting)


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  1. I don’t know if he’s talking about the NFC Eastern or the NFC itself

    The Giants, as we all know, won the National League pennant in ’62 and the National League West division title in ’71.

    • There was a Hockey Giants? That doesn’t even make sense. Hockey teams all have “we wouldn’t fall through the ice” kinda names, except for the Flames, which is the dumbest name in Hockey if you ask me.

      Perhaps the Jets, but that might be a “too soon” kind of observation.

      • I like the Jets. Because they’re from (and back in!) Winnipeg, and because if they get moved back to the Western Conference we can have games that are the Sharks vs. the Jets.

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