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  1. To get real world for a moment, western NorDak looks low key I envisioned eastern Montana to look like, except greener. I’m in New Salem about a half am how west Of Bismarck and we still have pleasant rolling hills.

    • ND into western Minn is pleasant. So is Wisc. But i found after hours and hours pleasant all looks the same, which is much less pleasant on long driving days. Glad you are having good weather.

    • The Great Plains roll more than most people realize. The tabletop flat areas are relatively rare. Average greenness is mostly a matter of precipitation. Going from Montana east of the mountains into middle Minnesota, average annual precipitation doubles.

      • Eastern Dakota was pretty table-top, or seemed to me. Which is a shame, because that’s the part of the Dakotas I am vaguely interested in looking at when Clancy is done in Queenland.

        • Will you be driving across northern Indiana? In my experience, that sets the standard for flat. A guy I knew who grew up there described it as, “If it rains two inches it floods everywhere because there’s no ‘down’ for the water to drain.”

  2. I’m not sure I said it on the other thread, but safe trip to you and the fam. Looking forward to you sort of joining the east coast.

  3. One Christmas I took a bus from Denver to St Paul which is about a twelve hour drive. After I had been on the bus for twenty four hours and only made it to Sioux City Iowa I got off the bus and hitchhiked the rest of the way. I beat the bus in by four hours and met several good people.

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