Life is what happens when you’re planning on doing laundry, gaming, celebrating various family birthdays, and finishing the major essay discussing console RPGs.

This probably won’t be a weekly question but I am always pleased to hear what the various plans for the weekend are. (Half the time it makes me feel virtuous, which I enjoy, and the other half it makes me feel vicious, which is a pleasure all its own.)

So… what are you going to be interrupted during this weekend?


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  1. An idiot I don’t care much one way or the other about has a birthday and I am being forced to go to see Rango (of all things) because the dude is inexplicitly buds with the husband. *shudder* Those horrible rango eyes…. the eyessssss…..

    • The “Holy Fool” gag is one that works pretty well.

      (The Man Who Knew Too Little is probably the best example of the genre.)

      But give the fool an allowance for personal growth and you’ve got yourself an accidental hero movie. That right there, done right, is a pretty decent way to spend an afternoon.

      • Oh I know I know, but I feel very uncharitably inclined towards this iteration. Oh well here’s hoping I’m being prejudiced.

        • I saw Rango this afternoon when I asked Maribou if she wanted to see it and she told me that she hasn’t had any non-napping alone time for, like, three weeks and I could go catch the 1:40 (by myself!!!) if I were so inclined.

          Working on the review now.

          Important points for those wondering:
          1) Child-safe for the most part. The stuff that ain’t will sail over their heads like it’s The Muppet Show.
          2) Adult-safe for the most part. This movie won’t insult your intelligence.
          3) If you read the review that said that it’s the best Western in decades and even better than True Grit, you should prepare yourself for disappointment because it’s not. The person who wrote that must have been stoned out of his gourd when he wrote that review and/or watched the movie (which would explain everything).

          • I saw it and found it as obnoxious as I had feared but I was in a vile mood due to the general idiocy of the night. I’m looking forward to the review.

          • The willing suspension of disbelief *REQUIRES* that the rules be followed.

            But I get ahead of myself.

            Yeah, I’m writing the essay today/tonight and it’ll be posted for tomorrow.

  2. I will *cough, cough* do research for THE NEVERENDING STORY (a.k.a., my dissertation).

    Also, it was my girlfriend’s birthday last week, so I’m going to make one of her favorite dishes tonight for dinner.

    • “Read Another Book” is the advice I always give to people when I hear that they’re working on their dissertation.

      Good luck!

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