While there are dozens (well, handfuls) of really good webcomics out there, when it comes to tabletop gaming, there are two essential ones.

The Order of the Stick is a comic devoted to the quintessential story-based D&D epic campaign (and, as it begins, we watch our intrepid adventurers see what happens when they move from 3.0 to 3.5).

Erfworld takes place in a universe that is┬ámuch more of a strategic tabletop kinda game (tactics with a bit of dice grinding). This is not to say that the story is less important, however…

These are my two must-reads that interrupt such things as my character generation. The more you’re familiar with tabletop gaming, the quicker you’ll get into the comics… but you don’t need to know anything about tabletop gaming to be hooked by page 8. Check them out.


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  1. I’ll check out elfworld but I’ve always hated order of the Stick. Something about the writing coupled with an intense loathing of the “art” such as it is.
    I suffered the same hate on Southpark for a long time until the writing brought me around.

    • The art in Erfworld takes a little while to get used to and I thought that I wasn’t a fan of the strip… until I found myself getting really upset that he hadn’t updated for a week.

      • Thanks for the link to Erfworld. I’m really enjoying it.

  2. Jaybird, ARGH……I started reading the order of the stick and ended up staying up until almost 3 am…….obviously the title of this blog is truth in advertising. Thanks for the laughter. Been gaming since the dawn of time and laughed so hard at some of it, woke up my husband who then started reading as well. Needless to say will have to ration my exposure in order to get anything else done! Thanks Teri

  3. I have read about 50 erfworld pages. I don’t anticipate stopping until I’ve read them all. Damn you Jay.

    • Here is the downside that I probably should have mentioned. He has said that his intention is to update every five days. If it’s every eight, we’re having a good week.

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