So… what are you playing? I’m playing Dragon Age II again. I realize that I really wanted to see some of the other possible endings… I’m also playing Zen Pinball and Torchlight to help me not feel like an addict.


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      • I refer to them as Friendly, Snarky and Angry, but I like your names too.

      • I went through first time as a hard core Jester and enjoyed it so I’m trying to play it as saint this time. Unfortunatly there’re things I want to accomplish that require Jester and Grouch responses (I want Isabella to give me the Idol so I can try and resolve the Quanari issue peacefully for instance and she only responds positively to jester responses [I didn’t have her with me in playthrough #1] so I have to have some levity) so I do deviate from Saint a lot more often than I’d prefer.

        • I thought 2 was awesome and an improvement upon 1 (I love me my town-building!). I hope to play Brotherhood… someday.

          Did you beat it?

      • The first one. But I didn’t beat it. Every time I think I’m near the end, there’s another person to kill…. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I like a game that lasts a long time.

        • The revelations given by the last job are one heck of an interpretation of the last few thousand years of civilization.

          It’s a fun romp, however.

          • Just beat it, and yes, you’re right. But I had fun. Now I have to get my damn tax refund so I can buy the second one.

  1. Alternating TF2 and Starcraft II (the single-player campaign).

    • How is Starcraft II? (I was mightily disappointed when I heard that it’s only 1/3 of the story.)

      • Starcraft II is pretty awesome but I was done playing it after about 4-5 months where I spent 3-4 years playing SC the original. Single player is extremely well done, if you liked SC then you should love SCII and the story is pretty good and doesn’t feel particularly fragmentary.

        The problem with multiplayer is the players. The community has developed a faster adaptability since the SC era and so the “gosu’s” have arisen quickly and defined one dominant play style that will win you the game. If you don’t like that style (which I don’t) then you end up frustrated and it stops being fun.

        • Oh, you don’t have to tell me about multiplayer. I can’t stand playing games with folks who aren’t at the table.

          One thing I liked about Starcraft’s story was that it had so many twists, turns, and nuances for what were, effectively, tutorials for new equipment. I was tempted by Starcraft II but there’s a part of me that says “wait for the Battlechest. You’ll be happier in the long run.”

      • I’m enjoying it. The plot is pretty engaging and I like how they slowly dole out new buildings/units in relation to the plot – that Raynor is building is mercenary army and you acquire them and improved technology through money/contacts made as you complete missions. I understand the Zerg and Protoss campaigns will have their own twists.

        I am not sure if I have an appetite for online MP at all. I never could micromanage well enough to play the original online without a lot of frustration.
        I am also not pleased with getting only one campaign in a $60 game, but if the new ones are cheap enough I’ll probably bite and get them anyway.

        • I was always frustrated by online because it felt like I could only build a silo in the time it took my opponents to build tanks.

          • In massive multiplayer games the game is invariably optimized until it becomes a system. You need to build 1,2,3 SCV’s then immediatly build a supply depot then another SCV then immediatly build a barracks etc… deviatign from this optimized build makes you lose (not fun) but if you stick with the damn build then it’s a boring grind (not fun) and you may lose anyhow depending on your meta strategy (not fun!!!!) so that’s the big flaw in the game genre.

            But the single player is a blast. It may be worth waiting on the battlechest though so long as you can stand the deferred gratification.

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