So… what are you playing? I’ve been playing Might and Magic Clash of Heroes on Xbox Live to the exclusion of anything else… Even Portal 2! Puzzle games are my kryptonite, I tell you what. If you enjoyed Puzzle Quest or Puzzle Fighter, you owe it to yourself to get this. (Maribou started playing and she’s hooked too!)


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  1. I beat Arkham Asylum last night. Can’t decide between Total War: Medieval or Half Life 2: Episode One. Or Minecraft, since the new beta version came out. Now there’s weather!

  2. Portal 2!

    It’s a busy time so I haven’t made much progress. I’m only in Chapter 3.

    • After beating Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, I started Portal 2 in earnest.

      Oh, my goodness.

      It’s awesome.

  3. So hooked! Though I confess a lot of the time I’m not puzzling anything out so much as “give my intuition a clean shot and if that doesn’t work, brute force it with multiple saves until I finally kick the guy’s butt.”

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