So… what are you watching/reading?

I’m finally going to start watching Season 3 of Burn Notice now that Maribou and I have hammered out that this show is best enjoyed alone… as opposed to carving out time where we can both watch episodes at the same time (the way we watch Chuck, for example).

(I should have had this conversation months ago…)


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  1. Game of Thrones. I enjoyed the second episode much more than the first.

    • I have not seen it yet, but I cannot wait to turn that DVR on…

    • Seasons 1 and 2, together, were great. Maribou and I carved out entire sections of the day where we watched 4 or 5 episodes in a row, went out for a meal, then came back and watched another.

      Season 3? We took our sweet time.

      For what that’s worth.

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