It’s the three-day weekend that kicks off the summer, kinda.

I’m building a fence, weather permitting, and grilling meat rain or shine.

What do you all have planned?


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  1. First zoo visit for our daughter, and possibly a first dip in the pool.

    • How did it go?

      Colorado Springs has a “feed the giraffes” station where, for a dollar, they’ll give you 3 cookies to feed to the giraffes (it used to be 4).

      You’ll want to get there earlier rather than later because, around halfway through the day, the giraffes get full and the only ones who show up are the ones who feel momentarily peckish.

      • She loved it, but as she’s only 1-1/2 it mostly involved pointing at the bigger/brighter-colored animals.

        My wife is a bit of a germophobe so she was not allowed to go into the petting zoo, unfortunately.

  2. My cousin is getting married in Berkley, and I’m visiting a friend while I’m in the area.

    • Sorry the weather is being so crummy for you. May is usually much nicer.

      • The Saturday meet-and-greet was forced inside because of the rain, but it was nice and sunny for the ceremony on Sunday.

        This was the first Jewish wedding I’ve been too– I was expecting the Hebrew, but I wasn’t expecting it to be sung, which was beautiful.

        The brides were both radiant, of course.

        The food was kosher and vegetarian. I found it tasty, but YMMV. (and I did have pork tacos about two hours later).

        The friend wound up in LA instead of SF, so we drove home earlier and my boyfriend and I spend Monday evening watching Leverage and playing Magic: the Gathering.

        • I understand that kosher is *sooooo* much easier to pull off as a vegetarian than if you have meat.

          • That is my understanding as well. IIRC, the first step on my cousin’s conversion to Judaism was when she started frequenting kosher kitchens for their vegetarian fare.

            Allergies seem to throw a wrench in the works, though. Another cousin’s allergy to cheese and mushrooms was the impetus for the aforementioned tacos. And there were Vegan, Gluten-free “cake balls” for those who couldn’t have the ice-cream cake.

            In the bitterest of ironies, my vegetarian kosher cousin is one of the few female relatives who isn’t allergic to shellfish.

  3. We got the old fence taken down, the old concrete supports dug out of the ground, and the new posts are in. We’ll put up the slats tomorrow afternoon. Good weekend!

  4. I demo’d the built-in desk in Jack’s closet and replaced it with shelving. I also went to someone else’s BBQ and drank beer.

    I could use more weekends like that.

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