There is a little place downtown called Rasta Pasta.

It’s what it says on the tin.

You walk in and there is reggae music playing, the lights are red or green or yellow, there are pictures of Bob Marley everywhere, and you’ve got a 50/50 shot of having a waitperson who happens to have a card from a dispensary.

It’s one of our favorite places to eat downtown. Check out that menu! (I recommend the spaghetti with garlic and herb sauce… elegant in its simplicity. Maribou likes the Natural Mystic.)

The house wine thereĀ is Big House Red. It’s yet another spicy/fruity dark and viscous wine that stays on your tongue and makes you glad you stopped in. Surprisingly, it fits in perfectly with the music, the food, and the general ambiance. On top of that, it’s only eight bucks. So even if you’re enjoying it somewhere else entirely (I hope you still have food and music, though!), you’ll feel all sorts of reggae inside.

It goes perfectly with pastas, sandwiches, nachos, and pizza. It’s a lovely little Friday night wine.

Check it out.


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    • Imagine that Ziggy Marley’s Love is my Religion is playing over the speakers… and the owner coming over, slightly tipsy, and saying “it’s really good to see you guys… It’s always good to see you guys” when you have a belly full of food made with his recipes.

  1. I’ve had Big House Red, as a second bottle for a traditional southern Italian sort of meal (marinara sauce, lasagna, that sort of thing). Liked it just fine.

    Sure, it’s a blend. But so what? So are most “single varietals” when you get right down to it.

    Sure, it’s just a touch sweet. But so what? Even a dry guy like me likes the grapey taste, which goes down easy paired with your noodles and gravy.

    And sure, it probably needs food to pair with and can’t really stand up on its own. So drink it with your meal, and share it with friends, the way the Gods intended it be drunk! If it’s not vinegar, enjoy!

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