I live on the block that is the Halloween block.

It’s like the block that is the Christmas Decorations Block, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s that one block in town that goes ape over a holiday and everyone dresses the house to the nines to one-up everybody else.

I don’t know that I can compete in year one with the established players, as they’ve been building their collection of decorations for years and they have themes and in many cases have capital investments behind the decorations they’re gonna put up between now and Halloween.

So I’m cheating. I have a decent AV setup and I’m going to throw up the hi def projector and the screen and the speakers and show a movie. About 60% of the walking crowd is little kids, so Alien or Elm Street or the like is out. I’m torn between the original Dracula, the original Frankenstein, or Forbidden Planet.

Forbidden Planet appeals because “50s SF flicks” is a workable theme for building up additional decorations, as well. Plus, well… Forbidden Planet.

Thoughts? Crowd-sourcing ideas early to get momentum building…


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  1. The folks across the street have started putting up Halloween decorations. When I was a kid, we waited until Columbus Day.

    Bride of Frankenstein is, like, the movie that Frankenstein wanted to be. Check that one out.

    • BoF is excellent.

      I have the Frank & Drac boxed sets, so I have

      Bride of Frankenstein
      Son of Frankenstein
      Ghost of Frankenstein
      House of Frankenstein

      Dracula (original Spanish version)
      Dracula’s Daughter
      Son of Dracula
      House of Dracula

      I’ve seen all of them at least once, but many of them not for a decade. I’m going to marathon my way through both sets before the end of the month.

  2. Well, I can’t beat Plan 9 From Outer Space, but a third course of Creature From The Black Lagoon wouldn’t be all that bad, if you could get it in 3-D.

    By the way, my costume was picked for me this year; I’m going to be a luchadero and might look like this. No fair stealing my costume idea and no, the bleach will do no good on your eyes.

  3. My sister sent my son a dragon costume, so my wife and I are thinking a princess and a knight. We shall see what we get around to though. 🙂

    Plan 9 is a great idea.

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