So I went to my first concert in quite a while last night. It was to see the band “Low“.

It’s the type of music that I really enjoy… hazy, overproduced, distorted… yet mellow and relaxing at the same time. They opened with a huge dissonant wall of sound that slowly resolved itself into gorgeous chords.

You may remember Low from their hit “Sunflower” off of the album Things We Lost In the Fire from a few years back.

They were very, very loud.

The odd thing, however, was that since most of the music involved much more bass than treble (the lead guitarist’s hand never seemed to go below the third fret excepting solos), you didn’t really hear the loud as much as you felt it. To take a deep breath was to feel different parts of your core vibrate to the chords they were playing.

They have recently released a new album, C’mon, and they were touring in support of that.

Well, the songs were absolutely gorgeous. Fuzzy guitars, fuzzy vocals, fuzzy harmonies… it’s a little like wine. When you have just a bit, it’s pleasant enough. With a bit more, it makes you feel fuzzy as well. More than that… and sitting quietly becomes a wonderful, wonderful idea in its own right.

This is off of their new album. It doesn’t do justice to how good the song is live. (Trigger warning: self-harmful behavior)

So that’s my recommendation for you this week.


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