I realize that the wedding today was a wedding for a couple of people I’ve mentioned before on the site… indeed, in the first “big essay” we had here!

It’s always nice to see those things come to fruition.

At the reception, there were two really lovely things that happened.

1) For the “mixing of the sand” thing, where they both pour some sand into a common container, they instead substituted a cup of her legos and a cup of his legos. “These are now our legos.” (Now *THAT* is commitment.)

2) Their first married dance together opened with some Badger, Badger, quickly Rickrolled us, and then finished with a slow dance to The Pixies. It was lovely.


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  1. +1,000,000 points each for the Legos and the Badger, Badger. -10 points for the Rickroll.

    You know some awesome people.

  2. Gotta tell my daughter about this — she’s a big Badger Badger fan. Actually she’s probably already considered this for when the time comes.

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