Another Christmas successfully navigated (so far so good, anyway). The most important part of Christmas, of course, is hearing “AWESOME” for the presents you hoped to hear “AWESOME” from. We managed to achieve that and the kids never stop to think that the books that we sneak in with the dragons and the video games are the truly important (if not downright subversive!) parts of the presents that we give… to be forgotten on a shelf for a few years to be re-discovered in adolescence. (“This isn’t a story about an alchemist’s assistant at all!!!”)

Given a weekend full of stories told, re-told, remembered, then re-re-told, I am sadly out of stories and analysis this week.

I do hope that you get back to normalcy with a minimum of whiplash. I will try to do the same over the coming days. I hope to have the essay you deserve next Monday!


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