Maribou got me a hardback collection of Joe the Barbarian for Christmas and so I hope to be reading that today. There is also discussion of maybe catching the new Tintin flick at some point (and it does look really good).

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. I saw Tintin two nights ago. Spielberg did a fine job of capturing the feel of HergĂ©’s drawings. HergĂ© puts in a posthumous cameo as the artist drawing Tintin at the beginning of the movie.

    As a kid, I’d eagerly await each new Tintin book. Red Rackham’s Treasure was my favorite: I’m ever so glad Spielberg went with that adventure, though he’s conflated several installments of Tintin in this movie.

    Art in animation seems to be making a lovely comeback. Hugo is inexpressibly wonderful.

    • I’m pleased to hear that it’s good! I loved the Tintin (and Asterix!) books when I was a kid and was always resentful that the French books in my local library were so clean and the English Translations were always trashed.

      When I first heard about Hugo, I found myself hoping/wondering whether it’d be based on the Maria Gripe books that I loved when I was a kid and, I admit, I was disappointed and lost interest when I found out that they weren’t. Hugo is good?

      • I should write up something about Hugo. Martin Scorsese has created something unique from the depths of his heart. Oh, do go see it in 3D, it’s the best movie yet made in that medium.

        • I said to Jason after seeing Hugo (in 2D–alas Jason’s visual cortex cannot handle the 3D technology) that it seemed Scorsese wanted to leave something of real value that didn’t depend on violence for its power. If that was his intent, we agree he succeeded.

  2. Watching the castle season 1 DVD, or will be as soon as I have some spare time. Boyfriend’s folks got it for me for christmas: His mom is a fan, as am I. I hope it’s full of Nathan Fillion making snarky commentary.

    Reading, I’ll be stealing the books I got my boyfriend for christmas and reading them. That, and studying for the CBEST.

  3. (Heidegger left an off-topic comment attacking another poster here. I’ve removed his comment and replaced it with this. — Jaybird)

    • I know several men buried in Arlington. I served with them. I carried their bodies and rode back with them in the helo. I know their families.

      You have nothing to say to me about service to this country or loyalty to its principles of freedom and democracy. You are cordially invited to STFU in the presence of someone who’s lived long enough to see what’s become of this nation over the years. It’s not a pretty picture.

    • Heidegger, this is not the blog for you to place comments that you have been disinvited from placing on the front page.

      There are dozens of places on the web where you can start your own blog. I invite you to leave your braindroppings on one of them.

    • That article was indeed awesome. And totally not how I used to define D&D alignments as a DM.

      The truly awesomest thing about the article is that it then goes on to explain to me, as though it read my mind in advance, why I didn’t define alignment that way: Because I am not Lawful Good in alignment, and neither were most of the people I played with.

      • Maribou’s criticism (and I think I agree with it) is that Chaotic isn’t Consequentialist exactly and Neutral isn’t Aretological exactly but Chaotic (at least the Chaotic characters she played with) were Aretological and the Neutral (at least the Neutral characters she played with) were Consequentialists.

        It was the Consequentialists who were the balance between the Deontologists and the Aretologists.

      • For me it helped explain why I found the alignment system so confounding – based on its classification I’m True Neutral. No wonder I found the whole alignment concept pointless.

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