It’s been one of those weeks at work where you walk down to the lab at 11:15 to do a quick thing and then you look up and it’s 3PM and you haven’t eaten yet… and you promised that Excel Worksheet to that guy by COB. Ah, he’ll be fine. He just wants it by Wednesday. But still… I had high hopes.

Given Maribou’s week at work (direct quote: “AAAAAAAAAAAAA”), I’m thinking that Friday Night will be spent doing laundry and recuperating. Saturday, bless it, will be spent running errands and gaming? Is Saturday gaming night? I can never remember.

I *DO* know that Sunday is the Royal Rumble… and that Kane is going to beat John Cena.

So we can go back to next week being just as crazy. (The guy will certainly have his Excel Worksheet, though.)

So… what’s on your docket?


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    • PS It’s not so much my week at work, as my week at work and also, this thing, that thing, that other thing, and that other other thing, that don’t have to do directly with work. Just way too much stuff going on – none of it’s horrible.

        • Born in Livonia, lived in Canton, went to school in Plymouth, moved to New York in 1986, I believe it was.

          I still have tons of relatives there.

  1. If Kane beats Cena, well…I think that’ll be the first time I’ve ever seen Kane win a match. Granted, I only watch the PPV’s, but still…

    • Kane’s job was to be the monster who destroyed everybody on television who eventually lost to the plucky underdog at the PPV.

      There are worse jobs to have to do.

  2. I wish I could be there to watch the delicious tears as the pyro goes off before the match starts.

    • I wish you could be here to see Kane lay the smack down upon Cena… on his way to Wrestlemania to lose to his brother, The Undertaker.

        • He went on to beat the itshay out of everybody.

          EVEN A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER (on the woo woo woo guy).

          Sure, the history books say “DCO”… but the people that saw it know that Kane came out on top.

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