In 1995, I was one of three or four people who saw the movie Strange Days in the theater. (Watch out: if you’re someone who has ever avoided a post or a song or a movie after seeing “Trigger Warning”, know that this movie is probably one you should avoid. Trigger warning: It is messed up on pretty much every conceivable level. There are a lot of really cruel people doing a lot of really cruel things in this movie. It had some interesting things to say despite that… but, seriously, it’s messed up.) The movie had a bit of a cult following in the IT department at my school, though, and this was one of the movies that we quoted to each other and delighting in the “huh?” faces of pretty much everyone else in earshot who hadn’t seen it.

Well, I purchased the soundtrack for the movie and wore that thing out. Now, one of the reasons I like soundtracks is because I find them to be great ways to find new bands and/or songs and this one introduced me to Skunk Anansie.

Their first album Paranoid and Sunburnt (isn’t that a *GREAT* album title?) was nice and raw the way that first albums tend to be nice and raw and their followup Stoosh was, as is usually the case, better produced and yet… well… less gripping. It *DID*, however, have *THIS* song on it… and, yeah, that was enough for me.

So… what are you listening to?


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  1. I really liked Strange Days, but I only saw it the once, so don’t expect me to pick up on it when you quote it.

    Pulled out my old Jawbreaker albums and been blasting them in the car.

  2. Strange Days struck me as a movie that was trying too hard to attract my edgy attention to things that were edgy.

    I only saw it once. Mebbe I should see it again.

    • I don’t know that it’s aged well at all. I’m going through scenes in my head and… well…

      Let’s just say that nothing ages faster than a vision of the future.

      That said, I still listen to the soundtrack.

    • Small children puking is pretty much the essence of sympathetic pathetic.

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