Okay. We’ve watched the first three episodes of Fringe.

We now have a feel for how our weeks go and how long an episode is. How many episodes are proper for a week? Rtod suggested 3 a week back when we started, Plinko was only able to squeeze 1 episode in last week… what’s the general feeling about episodes?

Is two too many? Is two too few? Is two just right?

Let’s discuss it here. I’m going to assume two episodes this week (maybe last week was a fluke, right?) and we can hammer out the perfect number in comments and if people overwhelmingly say that we need to change the number, we will. Cool?

Well, the two episodes that we need to watch this week are “The Arrival” in which we need to pay attention to the names that are written down and “Power Hungry” in which we are re-acquainted with one of Walter’s old friends (as well as one of Olivia’s).


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  1. I’m good with two. I think Mrs. Plinko has given up so it will be easier to schedule from now on.

  2. Two is fine. I still have to catch up from last week, but I can squeeze 4 in since I have a long weekend coming up.

  3. Two seems to work out about right, though a little down the road we may start insisting on three or four or fifteen because we need, need, need to know what happens next.

  4. I like two as well. It means I do not have to push to get them in and makes the days to watch flexible.

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