Yay, insane week! This means that I didn’t get to read much of anything or watch much of anything either (well, anything that isn’t homework).

(I honestly thought that things would be slowing down by now…)

Anyway, I’m sure I’m the only one who hasn’t had free time.

So… what are you reading and/or watching?


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  1. My small child is requesting that we watch Dilbert. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

    • To what extent do you think the jokes will go over his/her head?

      From what I recall of the show, there was very little cursing and even fewer racy interactions between everybody.

      • There is no cursing or sex, but there is some violence; probably no more than other cartoons. I don’t think he understands the humor (especially the office politics), but i am surprised everyday at what he really does understand, so you never know.

          • True. He does seem to enjoy Dogbert and Ratbert. Still, I should probably just stick to reading the Huggley series over and over again until nap time (kill me now). There is nothing questionable about Huggley.

          • I watched Tom and Jerry! Although, when I did it was considered retro. 🙂 lol

          • Try to get him hooked on Phineas and Ferb. You’ll like it as much as he does.

          • Funny you should mention Phineous and Ferb. We do watch that and it’s not bad.

          • My wife and I have been disagreeing about taking a Clifford book away from baby girl because, in it, there are cops and robbers that are holding guns. In a picture.

            That morphed into a conversation on whether or not she’d think it was weird that people talked on phones in books by the time she’s a teen which then morphed into how the things we saw in Bugs Bunny or Tom&Jerry cartoons never seemed to bug either of us as kids – telegrams, milk delivery, operator-assisted telephone calls to name a few.

    • That’s funny. I forgot that Mary’s thread was a thread and not the OP, so for a moment I thought you were recommending Pynchon for your kid instead of the Huggley series.

  2. Had a “friendly chat” with Ikea (when your friendly chats involve expert consultants…). Wound up with… something more special than advertised. Not necessarily better, but unique.

      • Truth is stranger than fiction.
        We had ordered a couch from Ikea New Jersey, and picked up a pile of furniture at Ikea PA. Apparently, Ikea was unable to deliver these without combining shipments. However, their algorithm broke. They wound up shipping our couch (heading out of New Jersey) … to New Jersey, where the locals said, “wtf?” and promptly put it in the as-is bin. The PA stuff was sitting in Pittsburgh, unable to be delivered.

        To elide over the “mostly unbelievable stuff,” we wound up with a red velvet couch (delivered earlier than the 9-9 that our bill of lading stipulated, from a guy called in on his day off) that was originally supposed to have gone to a celebrity… in Britain.

        Now, what sort of local celebrity in Britain would specifically ask Ikea for a red velvet couch? [and be scatterbrained enough to forget about it?]

        And we successfully put together our bedframe, which apparently knows the meaning of life, as it had 42 steps in total (it’s the most complicated thing Ikea makes, bar none.).

        [if you’ll promise to not believe me, i’ll tell you a bit more…]

          • it is indeed true, we have no cats. And that was indeed what my husband said — a cat would take great pleasure in destroying it.
            (we thought we were getting the cloth version — Stockholm line)

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